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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - How to Respond

Representation ID: 3104

COMMENT Marks Tey Parish Council (Mr. Allan Walker)


For future community consideration and consultation, a plain English
summary of the proposed Local Plan should be prepared including heavy
and effective referencing to the many other documents and policies. It
would be helpful if this summary document was available electronically and
the references linked automatically to the relevant documents. Future iterations of the Local Plan the three authorities synchronise the
release of information and their political decision-making and effect an
electronic notification for town and parish councils and other interested
parties for key dates and information publication.

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Representation ID: 2172

OBJECT Mr Paul Foskett


I wish first to comment about the complexity with which this whole consultation has been conducted. It has taken me some considerable time to work around this consultation site. That complexity will have no doubt frustrated many other people and eventually lead them to give up. The Council have wasted a lot of Council Tax payers money in consultants who designed a process that was far from easy to follow

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Representation ID: 2171

OBJECT Miss Julie Tyler


In summary this whole process is overly complicated and convoluted with document after document of nothingness and the most difficult part has been making a comment. So many people have given up making comments as they see it as a done deal and or can't work out how to comment. The deadline for comment should be extended and an easier comment section created ASAP.

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Representation ID: 1858



The email address for sending comments to contained in the version of the hard copy of the Preferred Options is wrong - was this this a ruse so prevent objections? This does not inspire confidence in the system.

Likewise the phone number to direct any questions to appeared to be a private residence.

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Representation ID: 923

SUPPORT Marks Tey Church (Rev Ian Scott-Thompson)


This clearly laid out timetable is helpful - thank you!
A high proportion of complaints and objections are not against content as such, but simply because the timetabled process has not been clearly understood.

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Representation ID: 434

COMMENT Mr Tom Stead


we have decided not to respond to the consultations for individual local plans, however we (Network Rail) thank you for the opportunity to respond. We would refer you to the recently published Anglia Route Study, which can be found at http://www.networkrail.co.uk/long-term-planning-process/anglia-route-study/.

More details about Rep ID: 434

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