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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Structure of the Plan

Representation ID: 232

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


The presumption in favour of sustainable development cites three elements to sustainability - economic, social and environmental and refers to the gains that can be achieved. There is little focus on gains that can be achieved in the draft Local Plan.

A definition of sustainability should be included.

Monitoring reports on Local Plan issues will be published annually. CBC does not have resources to do this unless investment is made in appropriately qualified personnel. The loose drafting of the targets and indicators in S9 suggests this is not going to be a really forensic exercise. What is the intention?

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Representation ID: 208

COMMENT Eight Ash Green Neighbourhood Plan (mr john allcock)


1.23- Suggest reference is made to the document being in two parts. Part 1 -shared strategic Plan across the North Essex Authorities
Part 2 being the Local Plan for Colchester
So to aid the reader and remind them which part they are considering may we suggest each part is produced in different coloured pages White for Part 1 and Yellow for Part 2

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