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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM11: Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

Representation ID: 2522

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


ECC recommends inclusion of specific reference to 'walking/cycling distance via a safe route' to the named services and facilities. ECC is liable for long term school transportation costs where a school is not within safe walking distance of home. Further, the safely accessible schools should be capable of accommodating pupils from the travelling community within existing spare capacity, given the unlikelihood of developer contributions being secured from traveller site proposals.

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Representation ID: 2468

COMMENT Natural England (Kayleigh Cheese)


This policy seeks to allocate the remaining requirement of pitches, (outside of Severalls Hospital Development), within the garden communities. Consideration needs to be given to any impact this could have on protected sites, particularly within the Marks Tey area which is within/adjacent to the SSSI.

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Representation ID: 2404

COMMENT The Gypsy Council (Mrs Christine Atkins)


Consider that the Local Plan should make better provision for Gypsies and travellers including land for a transit site.

Express views that there is a need for the needs of gypsies and travellers to have a fairer hearing and be considered alongside other housing needs.

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Representation ID: 2203

SUPPORT Chelmsford City Council (Miss Claire Stuckey)


The City Council supports the approach of making provision for its identified need for Gypsy and Travellers as part of new development and by expansion of an existing site at Severalls.
Further work continues to update the OAHN with the latest household projections, and the Essex wide Gypsy and Travellers Needs Assessment (GTAA) is also under-going a refresh in light of the changes to the Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (PPTS). Any changes in the level of needs arising as a result of these updates will need to continue to be met.

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Representation ID: 2201



DM11 also states that the existing Severalls site should be expanded. In my view it should certainly NOT be expanded. It constitutes yet more urban sprawl, creeping across the A12 beyond Colchester's northern limit.

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Representation ID: 2070

COMMENT Jan Plummer


I object to development of this ancient landscape. It contains beautiful bluebell woods, streams, and an ancient hill settlement. It provides good quality of life for a deprived area. children from Greenstead sledge down the fields In the snow, people fish in the ponds and walk straight out into the countryside.
However, if it is built on, then a 15 pitch Gyosy and Traveller site should be part of the plan. Places are sorely needed so that Travellers are not continually moved on and can access school, health and education. It would also help Tendring to fulfil its obligation.

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Representation ID: 1414

COMMENT Mr Richard Crabb


Small scale expansion of the existing Severalls site, whilst undesirable, is the most sound option. Creation of new sites to the west of Colchester, particularly that combined with the West Tey proposals, would further strain the public purse as site management and law enforcement services would need to be further dispersed to deal with the acoompanying increase in localised crime, public disturbance, litter, and human waste that invariably accompanies such sites.

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Representation ID: 926

COMMENT Marks Tey Church (Rev Ian Scott-Thompson)


Severalls is mentioned. Does the site down Turkey Cock Lane Stanway also count? Provision needs to be adequate to prevent nuisance.

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