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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM25: Renewable Energy, Water, Waste and Recycling

Representation ID: 3009

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We welcome that developers are to be encouraged to meet higher than minimum standards for water efficiency -suggest that CBC achieves this through Local Plan. See the 'Water supply, waste water and water quality' section of the Planning Practice Guide Option to discuss this further with EA. Consider adding further guidance about how residential and non-residential developments can voluntarily achieve further efficiency gains, and the benefits (environmental and economic) of doing so.
Also cross refer to comments on policy DM12

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Representation ID: 2723

COMMENT RSPB (Mark Nowers)


We suggest that the following should be reworded to better reflect the protection afforded to Natura 2000 sites:
"Within internationally designated sites and nationally designated landscapes (Dedham Vale AONB) renewable energy schemes, will only be supported in exceptional circumstances..."
This could be amended as follows:
"Renewable energy schemes with potential for adverse effects on internationally designated sites or nationally designated landscapes (Dedham Vale AONB), will only be supported in exceptional circumstances..."

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Representation ID: 2691

COMMENT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


DM25: Renewable Energy, Water, Waste and Recycling

Please see our comments above on Policy CC1.

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Representation ID: 2545

SUPPORT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


It is encouraging that the Draft Plan includes a section and policy covering renewable energy, water and recycling and is supportive of the approach outlined in Policy DM25.

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Representation ID: 218



Anglian Water does not want to thwart development or apply a blanket embargo on all development within the 400 metres consultation zone of our water recycling centres ( previously referred to as sewage or wastewater treatment works), however we must balance this with protecting our new and existing customers from the risk of odour impact, nuisance or loss of amenity whilst allowing us to provide the essential sewage treatment service to our customers and for this reason we take a risk based approach.

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