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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM24: Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Representation ID: 3008

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


This policy would Benefit from some re-wording. While the LLFA lead on managing surface water flooding, it is essential that run-off does not have the potential to pollute receiving surface or groundwaters. Further text in relation to required treatment steps should be added to the existing policy. We would also add at this stage that all new developments should be required to include SuDS, not just major development as stated. Many small scale measures are available, but we would not consider water butts to be a SuDS measure. We welcome the reference to integrated SuDS and biodiversity improvements.

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Representation ID: 2722

SUPPORT RSPB (Mark Nowers)


We are supportive of the policy promoting the use of SuDS and recommend that opportunities are sought to enhance biodiversity through this provision.

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Representation ID: 2544

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


All development should give priority to SuDS, however it is only major development that is subject to consultation with ECC as the Lead Local Flood Authority. Only when there is a significant risk of pollution to the water environment, inappropriate soil conditions and/or engineering difficulties, should alternative methods of drainage discharge of water from the site be considered. It is important to note that SuDS is not restricted to ground that can infiltrate; SuDS covers a wide range of drainage options including attenuation when infiltration is not possible.
Please see the full submission for more information on SuDS.

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Representation ID: 1837

COMMENT Mr Guy Williamson represented by Mark Liell & Son LLP (Mr David Coleby)



It is proposed that all surface water from the Langham sites, will be discharged in a local water course.
There is separately the option to explore integration of the balancing ponds/reed beds to hold water, and allow regulated release, if considered more desirable. Such infrastructure to be allowable under the Council's policy.

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