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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM21: Sustainable Access to Development

Representation ID: 3083

OBJECT Indigo Planning (Ms Alison Osborne)


Requirements to onerous, particularly for development involving existing building stock or for minor scale. Build in sufficient flexibility to ensure developments can be delivered without failing this requirement. Amend to state measures will be encouraged provided that their inclusion is feasible, proportionate and appropriate.

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Representation ID: 3027

OBJECT Sainsburys (Ms Caroline Huett) represented by Indigo Planning (David Hodgetts)


Sufficient flexibility should be incorporated into this policy to ensure developments make the best use of land and that schemes can be delivered without falling foul of the policy. e.g. if electric charging facilities are unlikely to be used it is an inefficient and unsustainable use of land to provide them.

We should:
'new developments should make efficient use of land and where feasible and appropriate....(I).

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Representation ID: 2602

COMMENT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


Persimmon Homes recognises the importance of safe walking and cycling environments to be created within developments. Where development is isolated from existing settlements, i.e. the garden communities, new transport links will need to be created.
Paragraph vi refers to charging facilities, comments on this have been made in relation to policy DM12.

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Representation ID: 2539

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Paragraph 7.119 - the word 'Guidance' should be deleted.
Paragraph 7.120 - reference should be made to 'residential travel plans, school travel plans and residential travel information packs'. This should also be made to the last paragraph of Policy DM21 itself.
Policy DM21 should make specific reference to the need for development to adhere to the content of ECC's Highway Authority Development Management Policies.
Please see the full submission for more information including the relevance of ECC's draft Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy and other travel planning initiatives including those relating to transport to schools and academies.

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Representation ID: 2102

OBJECT Valad Europe represented by Indigo Planning (Miss Sarah Pyne)


Policy wording should be amended to state that these measures will be encouraged by the Council, provided that their inclusion is feasible, proportionate and appropriate for the development being proposed.

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Representation ID: 2015

OBJECT Miss Maris Sharp


There maybe plans as outlined for new roads in the areas of new development but all the traffic on those roads still lead into the town of Colchester itself which cannot support the extra volume of cars

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Representation ID: 1846

COMMENT Lyndall Rosewarne


Please include all vulnerable road users in the development of multi user paths-it should be assumed that walkers, cyclist and horse riders will be included unless there is a specific reason to exclude a category.

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Representation ID: 1831

SUPPORT Mr Guy Williamson represented by Mark Liell & Son LLP (Mr David Coleby)



We SUPPORT the general objectives. Please refer to the plan in the HTTC Highways Report attached, highlighting possible enhanced footways (with scope to accommodate bicycles) inter connecting the subject sites with the main facilities in the village of Langham, giving priority to the movement of people walking and cycling.
It needs to be acknowledged and accepted that the provision of public transport (in particular buses/mini buses) will be less in the smaller settlements and villages, where demand is lower and economic viability of operating such services more difficult and challenging.

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Representation ID: 1586

COMMENT Mrs Bridget Conway


Bridleways need to be preserved

More details about Rep ID: 1586

Representation ID: 1563

COMMENT British Horse Society (Mrs Sue Dobson)


We request that where new development is planned, that all off-road routes that are created are made accessible to ALL vulnerable road users, including equestrians, rather than catering just for pedestrians and cyclists which is currently the case within this Policy. This Policy should be amended as such to include a commitment to create access for all.

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Representation ID: 1503

COMMENT Essex Bridleways Association (Susan Dobson)


As per previous representations, we note that this Policy does not take into account the needs of equestrians and request that a commitment to provide access on off-road routes for all users, including equestrians, is embedded into this Policy. Only pedestrians and cyclists appear to be catered for and this is discriminatory.

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Representation ID: 1019

COMMENT Mr Phil Coleman


Car charging points

The current proposed policy does not go far enough in terms of a future proof policy regarding the implementation and delivery of car charging points. We know this is a major area the Government wishes to invest and grow so we need to ensure we deliver a policy which supports this. All new developments should offer at least one external car charging point per single dwelling property regardless of bedroom size.

Regarding flats, communial car parking areas should have at least 2 external car charging points.

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Representation ID: 955

OBJECT John Smith


Colchester should not encourage more cyclists nor spend more money on "cycle paths". Instead, they should be instructing and educating them of the highway code. Colchester is rife with cyclists illegally riding on the pavement, which is a danger to vulnerable adults. There needs to be more signs to advise them to not ride on the pavement and where they are actually allowed. Cyclists need to be punished when they break the law

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Representation ID: 914

COMMENT Colchester Cycling Campaign (William Branhill)


Please see our comments elsewhere with regard to road filtering and unbundling; these make short journeys by car far less convenient and therefore less likely. This video explains the concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJhGSxDb5wQ

We would like the Local Plan to allow for implementation of such schemes, which can also be retrofitted to existing road layouts. LAs in the UK are already putting in such schemes under the banner "Mini Holland". One example is at Waltham Forest. See http://www.enjoywalthamforest.co.uk/about-mini-holland/

More details about Rep ID: 914

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