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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM20: Promoting Sustainable Transport and Changing Travel Behaviour

Representation ID: 3110

COMMENT Marks Tey Parish Council (Mr. Allan Walker)


Ways are sought within the Local Plan to enhance footpath
and cycleway provision through Marks Tey, to aid mobility and connectivity
through the fragmented community. This will, no doubt also be picked up in
the evolving Neighbourhood Plan.
Changing travel behaviour takes time, so need interim highway provision pending more permanent solutions or in the case of parking in new developments perhaps a fixed short-term use of amenityland to be used for additional parking while the landscape provided for the area develops and alternative transport options takes over.

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Representation ID: 2537

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


ECC welcomes Policy DM20, which seeks to increase modal shift towards sustainable modes; and improve the strategic road, rail and cycle network.
Policy DM20 should make specific reference to the need for development to adhere to the content of ECC's Highway Authority Development Management Policies.
Moving forward close partnership working will be undertaken with CBC, Highways England, ECC and other local authorities to progress to improve roads, public transport, and promote walking and cycling. All parties will continue to lobby Government, including DfT, to include these schemes in future programmes to secure necessary funding where possible. Please see the full submission for more information.

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Representation ID: 2228

OBJECT Colchester Green Party represented by Ms Susan Allen


Need greener, cleaner public transport 24/7.

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Representation ID: 2077

COMMENT Mr Tony Bland


How will the Borough Council deliver transport and travel policy changes when it does not have responsibility for roads and highways?
Now that the borough has grown by such a massive rate should it not seek to go further than just 'working with' the County Council but actively lobby for delegated control and authority for highways in areas where it needs it to deliver on policy statements.

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Representation ID: 1668

SUPPORT The University of Essex represented by The JTS Partnership LLP (Mr Nick Davey)


The University welcomes the commitment to the enhancement of public transport gateways and their connectivity to key strategic development locations in the town. The University, in particular, would welcome improved connectivity from the Campus to both the town centre and North Station.

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Representation ID: 1456

SUPPORT Robbie Spence


I support the new Colchester Orbital route. The Route gets 4 mentions in the Plan which sound positive but a bit too vague for my liking.

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Representation ID: 1455

SUPPORT Robbie Spence


Please make bylaw to enshrine Norman Way as a bridlepath to stop Philip Morant School's plan to close it and build a road.

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Representation ID: 1384

SUPPORT Walk Colchester (Ms Rowena Macaulay)


This section (together with DM17) seem KEY places to cross-reference to the Colchester Orbital project, whose existing inner circuit and planned outer circuit, together with radial links out from the town centre, have the potential together to create a rich network of green routes for walk/cycle/riding around Colchester's urban fringe. At present only the inner circuit is mentioned in the Plan and I have argued elsewhere for an introduction in the plan to the larger vision, since it connects with so many CBC objectives, not least of which is the desire for a strong walk/cycle infrastructure.

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Representation ID: 919

COMMENT Colchester Cycling Campaign (William Branhill)


Various comments on sustainable transport.

More details about Rep ID: 919

Representation ID: 284

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


A balance will have to be ensured so that choking off travel by car to the town centre is not replaced by internet based shopping.

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