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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Promoting Sustainable Transport and Changing Travel Behaviour

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see Part one response, report from Living Transport

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Representation ID: 2028

COMMENT Miss Maris Sharp


Please get cyclists off the pavements - they are a liability and cyclists should be fined for using them.

The maintenance of pavements is very poor as delivered by Essex CC. Many wobble and are at different heights.

The pedestrian lights at crossings are now impossible to see by children (or anyone)if there are many people at the crossing because they are at a low level instead of up high in one's eyeline.It was a bad policy to reposition them.

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Representation ID: 1439



Proposals for a new town much bigger than Witham at West Tey do not satisfy the declared aim of locating development to reduce the need for travel. Straddling the A12; A120 and the railway, it would be a haven for commuters to London, Stansted and maybe Colchester. It would be further from Marks Tey railway station than most people would care to walk and too far from the centre of Colchester and the Knowledge Gateway at the University, for sustainable travel.
Why not concentrate on building near the University and making proper use of the Clacton/Colchester railway?

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