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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM18: Provision for Public Open Space

Representation ID: 3000

SUPPORT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We support the inclusion of these policies protecting green links. We would welcome the inclusion of existing ditches and watercourses as specific protected features within both policies. This is to ensure that such features can continue to be maintained and serve as drainage and biodiversity features.

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Representation ID: 2600

OBJECT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


As expressed in policy ENV3, it is not clear which evidence base document the council will refer to in determining which deficits are present in an area.

On large scale developments open space should be allowed to be multifunctional spaces to be used for multiple purposes.

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Representation ID: 2527

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


ECC Public Health supports access to green space for the multitude of health benefits that this provides as well as other functions such as wildlife, recreation, flood risk mitigation, carbon storage, or food production. There is the potential to add to DM18 to cover mitigation and adaption to climate change in line with the Climate Change Act 2008.
The following point for inclusion in DM18 is provided for consideration: 'Provision of public open space will be used as a way of adapting and mitigating for climate change through the management and enhancement of existing habitats and the creation of new ones to assist with species migration, to provide shade during higher temperatures, and for flood mitigation.'

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Representation ID: 1830

OBJECT Eastern Counties Educational Trust represented by Boyer (Mrs Catherine Pollard)


This public open space designation is illogical in the context of the proposed loss of playing fields to residential development at the rugby club. A proportion of the rugby club is still retained as open space to serve the public and therefore there is no obvious planning requirement for the site at Oxley Parker Drive to be designated as open space. Allocating the site as open space provides no impetus for the site to be delivered, for example no onus on the site owner to upkeep the site for public access.
We therefore object to this designation.
See attached representations.

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Representation ID: 1561

COMMENT British Horse Society (Mrs Sue Dobson)


We request that where new development is planned, that off-road routes and open space are made accessible to ALL users, including equestrians, and that this commitment is embedded within this Policy.

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Representation ID: 1502

COMMENT Essex Bridleways Association (Susan Dobson)


We request that full access for all users is the default rather than catering for just pedestrians and cyclists in all new open space provision.

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Representation ID: 283

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


The commuted sum should be ring fenced for the relevant community

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