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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM17: Retention of Open Space and Recreation Facilities

Representation ID: 2999

SUPPORT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We support the inclusion of these policies protecting green links. We would welcome the inclusion of existing ditches and watercourses as specific protected features within both policies. This is to ensure that such features can continue to be maintained and serve as drainage and biodiversity features.

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Representation ID: 2856

SUPPORT Colchester Natural History Society (Mr Peter Hewitt)


The intention to protect and enhance green links is welcomed. This is a vital strategy that must extend green link opportunities in an effective manner.

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Representation ID: 2619

COMMENT Copford with Easthorpe Parish Council (Mr Drury)


Like to see the following community assets, which are owned by the Parish Council, given recognition and specific protection in the Local Plan with each to have a Local Green Space Designation:
Wellhome Meadow Recreation Ground (Queensbury Avenue)
Pits Meadow Recreation Ground (School Road behind the Village Hall)
Pits Woods
The ownership of the following piece of land is unknown but historically has always been considered to be 'Common Land' within the existing Conservation Area, and so we feel that Local Green Space Designation is also appropriate.
Copford Green (unregistered triangular piece of land adjacent School Road and Rectory Road)

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Representation ID: 2505

COMMENT Myland Community Council (Mrs Harris)


MCC supports the retention of open space and recreation facilities and would like to see recognition of the need for habitat links to be maintained.

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Representation ID: 2033

COMMENT Mr Robert Waites


Formal recognition in draft Local Plan of the Fernlea open space as 'public open space' and that it be marked accordingly on the allocation plans.

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Representation ID: 1907

OBJECT Economic Growth Colchester Borough Council (Elizabeth Flood)


The policy should acknowledge that where public or private open space are developed for alternatives uses, greater flexibility should be provided to allow in some circumstances a smaller quantity but improved quality of public open spaces to remain or to replace that which is lost.

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Representation ID: 1826

OBJECT Eastern Counties Educational Trust represented by Boyer (Mrs Catherine Pollard)


This public open space designation is illogical in the context of the proposed loss of playing fields to residential development at the rugby club.
A proportion of the rugby club land is still retained as open space to serve the public and therefore there is no obvious planning requirement for the site at Oxley Parker Drive to be designated as open space.
Allocating the site as open space provides no impetus for the site to be delivered, for example no onus on the site owner to maintain the site for public access.
We therefore object to this designation.
See attached full representations.

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Representation ID: 1684

COMMENT mrs jane black


In section v the wording needs to make clear that the recreational amenity value of open spaces not identified on the Proposals map is a factor as well any contribution to the character of the area.

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Representation ID: 1659

OBJECT The Wivenhoe Society (secretary


This is worded in a similar fashion to current policy DP15. The wording of the last paragraph in the policy should be tightened up. It reads "Additionally development that would result in the loss of any small incidental areas of open space not
specifically identified on the Proposals Map but which contribute to the character of existing residential neighbourhoods, and any registered common, heathland or village green or which to contribute to green infrastructre will not be permitted"

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Representation ID: 1585

COMMENT Mrs Bridget Conway


Please can bridleways be preserved and if possible extended. There are not many places to ride off road.

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Representation ID: 1581

OBJECT Cheryl Damen


Open space must be accessible to vulnerable road users, specifically horse riders

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Representation ID: 1560

COMMENT British Horse Society (Mrs Sue Dobson)


Request that the Policy contains a commitment that any new open space or off-road routes are made accessible to ALL users, including equestrians, and that opportunities are taken to enhance the network where new developments are proposed.

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Representation ID: 1500

COMMENT Essex Bridleways Association (Susan Dobson)


Policy DM17 Retention of Open Space and Recreation Facilities: it is noted that the Council intends to look at areas of deficiencies and request that this is considered in the light of available areas for multi-use access rather than just considering the needs of pedestrians and cyclists which tends to be the norm with the needs of equestrians being ignored.

More details about Rep ID: 1500

Representation ID: 1383

SUPPORT Walk Colchester (Ms Rowena Macaulay)


This section (together with DM20) seem KEY places to cross-reference to the Colchester Orbital project, which was conceived and planned with the primary purposes of identifying, celebrating and protecting Colchester's existing green spaces and creating a sense of environmental connectivity between them. It is absolutely to this end that the whole project came about, although it is clear that it serves many overlapping purposes linked to GI, sustainable transport and leisure etc.

More details about Rep ID: 1383

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