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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM12: Housing Standards

Representation ID: 3146

COMMENT Gladman Development (Mr P Isherwood)


Any policy including specific requirements for design should be tested, alongside other policies in the Plan, through the whole plan viability assessment to ensure that the cumulative impacts of all proposed local standards and policy requirements do not put the implementation of the Plan as a whole at risk (paragraph 174 of the Framework).
If the Council wishes to adopt this standard it should be justified by meeting the criteria set out in the NPPG including need, viability and impact on affordability. The Council therefore needs to provide sufficient evidence to justify adoption of either of these standards.

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Representation ID: 2995

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We would suggest that this policy is more closely linked to Policy DM25, or is revised. There is some overlap with water efficiency and waste in particular.

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Representation ID: 2649

COMMENT The Extra Care Charitable Trust represented by Tetlow King Planning (Mr John Sneddon)


Support the recognition in the draft Local Plan of the needs for older persons and specialist housing. policy however as written policy DM12 is not strong or specific enough, nor does it follow into policy text to enable a range of accommodation to be provided. The provision of lifetime homes as set out in policy DM12 will not facilitate the diversity of housing choices required for older people in Colchester. Will not meet SHMA requirements for 94 units of sheltered and extra care accommodation Plan needs to discuss older people needs more and policy DM12 needs to be strengthened.

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Representation ID: 2599

OBJECT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


Persimmon supports the councils approach to deliver dwellings to lifetime homes standards but not require developers to build homes to full wheelchair standards.
Paragraph vi requires internal space standards to be in accordance with the National Described space standard or any replacement of this. There does not appear to be evidence to support the inclusion of this standard within the policy. Consideration needs to be given to viability.
Paragraph vii should be amended as cycle provision can be met through secure lockable cycle covers.
Paragraph ix should only require electric charging 'where practical'.
Policy should consider the practicality of delivery.

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Representation ID: 2524

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


ECC welcomes inclusion of Lifetime Homes but would seek their mandatory application for older people and specialist housing. It is suggested reference to additional guidance is made (see full submission for details). CBC may wish to consider strengthening the policy to meet the NPPF requirements regarding climate change by adding: 'Development will be planned to minimise the vulnerability to climate change impacts and that such development will not exacerbate vulnerability in other areas'. The policy also should ensure that 'development layout allows for the inclusion of above ground SuDS features wherever possible'.

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Representation ID: 2444

OBJECT Hopkins Homes represented by Pegasus Group (Nicky Parsons)


Criterion vi) of this policy requires new residential development to be in accordance with the National Described Space Standards. The NPPG at ID Reference: 56-020-20150327 advises that to use this standard the Council must provide evidence of the need for it, the impact on viability and transitional arrangements. The supporting text for this policy does not include reference to this work.
Criterion x) requires the provision of broadband and other required infrastructure as referenced in Policy SG6. I have already raised concerns in relation to Policy SG6 and these are relevant to this criterion. Amendments to Policy suggested.

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Representation ID: 2396

OBJECT Bloor Homes Eastern represented by Pegasus Group (Nicky Parsons)


To address objections raised in the submission with regard to Policy DM12 the following actions or amendments are suggested:
 Provide evidence to support criterion vi) or delete it from this policy;
 Amend criterion x) to read 'Measures to maximise the potential for the provision of broadband ....'

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Representation ID: 912

COMMENT Colchester Cycling Campaign (William Branhill)


Call for new bike parking standards

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