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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM8: Affordable Housing

Representation ID: 3253

OBJECT CPREssex (David Green)


We are sure the Council recognise that, especially with the current high rates of growth, infrastructure is not keeping pace with the need for it. This situation will be exacerbated by the proposed level of growth. The draft plan acknowledges that major investment is needed in the trunk roads and railways serving the Borough. However, the timescale for addressing most of this is uncertain and, with the railways, it is difficult to see how it can be addressed at all given the lack of capacity.

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Representation ID: 2597

OBJECT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


Criteria a and b are contradictory. The developer should have the choice in providing affordable housing in line with criteria a or b.
It may be more appropriate for the affordable housing to reflect the need for affordable housing as assessed.
The wording is too vague and would likely result in confusion as to what mix of affordable housing is required by way of the policy, leading to dispute.
The policy should also be re-worded to make reference to the SHMA.

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Representation ID: 2596

SUPPORT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


We support the inclusion of starter homes. Whilst central government have provided limited details on starter homes to date the policy is future proofed and will enable development to meet the need from starter homes as a result.

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Representation ID: 2515

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


ECC recommends that housing classified as 'independent living' is included within the definition of affordable housing. This would support the delivery of ECC's Independent Living programme, which seeks to provide market and social housing for those within this specialist housing category.

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Representation ID: 2249

OBJECT CPREssex (David Green)


The plan proposes a level of affordable housing in new development below that indicated as essential by its own research. This is unacceptable. It means that in new developments there will be insufficient smaller and more affordable dwellings to satisfy local need with these displaced by larger dwellings which will cater for wealthier in-migrants from London and elsewhere.

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Representation ID: 2232

OBJECT Mr Christopher Lee


This plan does not address the housing needs of Colchester. According to the evidence base there are going to be 45% of first time buyers priced out of the market. Colchester is fifth highest in the eviction rankings. Being evicted from private landlords is the highest contributor to homelessness in Colchester. There is not enough social housing in this already and the 20% committed to at the end of the Local Plan is not going to make the situation better.

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Representation ID: 2188

OBJECT Cllr rosalind scott


30% sustainable housing is essential if local people are to be housed adequately. But rented accommodation is also required by a growing number of people and supply and capped rents should be improved by the decisions made by the group of councils.

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Representation ID: 1824

OBJECT Mr Guy Williamson represented by Mark Liell & Son LLP (Mr David Coleby)


We consider that although an affordable housing ceiling figure of 20% of new housing might be applicable, the ultimate % must reflect the local Parish Council's desires (amount and location), the suitability of the location, the related infrastructure commitments, and site preparation costs, and the aggregate overall costs and package of other planning gain contributions and measures provided by the development in question, as well as the overall viability.
Please see the supporting Mark Liell Planning Statement attached at SS11 for supplementary comment on the treatment of affordable housing.

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Representation ID: 1116

OBJECT Greene King plc represented by David Russell Associates (Mr David Russell)


We find Policy DM8's aim to seeking a level of 20% affordable housing on schemes of 10 or more dwellings broadly acceptable. However, the policy does not make reference to any specific methodology for assessing overall scheme viability. This is a weakness that should be rectified before the policy is formally adopted.

The Government is seeking to boost housing supply from plots for self and custom built homes, encouraging LPAs to make appropriate provisions in their Local Plans. We think the Colchester Local Plan could consider including an appropriate policy on self and custom built homes.

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Representation ID: 483

SUPPORT Peter O'Donnell represented by Cheffins (Mr Ian Smith)


We support Policy DM8 concerning affordable housing provision at 20%. We do also feel that provision of affordable housing should be made in all of the sustainable settlements, including Copford/Copford Green in line with housing need assessments.

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Representation ID: 275

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


It is suggested that the affordable housing in rural settlements should be provided on contiguous space to the village boundary. While recognising the practicalities every effort should be made to integrate affordable housing with other housing to avoid ghettoes being created

It is a pity the target is being set at 20% particularly as 30% is the target in the new Garden Communities.

More details about Rep ID: 275

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