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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM5: Tourism, Leisure, Culture and Heritage

Representation ID: 2993

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


Given the vulnerability to flood risk of visitor accommodation in particular, we recommend that flood risk is highlighted as a significant constraint. Public safety and emergency planning will be key issues in relation to some of these sites.

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Representation ID: 2679

COMMENT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


Welcome recognition that Colchester's rich heritage is a benefit and attraction to people who live, work and visit Borough. Suggest that in paragraph 7.22 "..rich historic heritage.." be amended to either "...rich historic environment..." or "...rich heritage.." Welcome that new development should not detract from the aspects that make the Borough attractive and distinctive. Whilst the policy covers a wide range of different development types and locations, suggest that the policy could not only require development to "...minimise their impact on neighbouring areas..." but also ensure that consideration is given to how such developments could make a positive contribution.

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Representation ID: 1379

SUPPORT Walk Colchester (Ms Rowena Macaulay)


This is another place in the plan where cross-referencing to the Colchester Orbital project might be useful? We would like to see the Orbital celebrated as an attraction the town has to offer tourists as much as local people; a way of getting to know its different habitats and characters. It is intended that supporting publicity (walk guides and signage) will direct users to nearby sites of heritage and environmental interest. And likewise to engage the people who live/work (eg running cafes, pubs, visitor attractions) around the Orbital, so there is an exchange between the two, each promote the other.

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Representation ID: 1364

OBJECT Mr Hutley, Mrs Molyneux, Mrs Went represented by Boyer Planning (Ms Kate Kerrigan)


The policy is welcomed in part however, new opportunities for the delivery of rural economic growth on brownfield land, such as our client's site at Wigborough Road, Peldon, should also be a key consideration within the policy.

Our client's are considering holiday lodges on the land at Wigborough Road, Peldon. It is not clear if the PDL has been taken into consideration as part of the SLAA (RSE22). The site is well located to support the villages within Winstred Hundred Parish along with the nearby areas, and the development would be respectful to the area's character.

See attached representations for full details.

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Representation ID: 920

COMMENT Colchester Cycling Campaign (William Branhill)


We would like to make sure that this walking / cycling scheme is included in this section. This also has an effect on public health. http://www.walkcolchester.org.uk/projects/the-colchester-orbital

More details about Rep ID: 920

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