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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - DM3: New Education Provision

Representation ID: 3144

SUPPORT Gladman Development (Mr P Isherwood)


See submission for full text. Summary:
Gladman support the Council in its recognition of the need to work positively with the development industry to identify suitable and deliverable solutions to education issues. Viability should be a key consideration to ensure schemes are not prevented from being brought forward because of the need for significant infrastructure contributions.

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Representation ID: 2511

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


ECC supports the approach taken in Policy DM3 which will be important as current government policy requires that any new schools will be 'free schools'/academies. Where housing growth takes place it will be essential to ensure the delivery of education facilities is undertaken in a timely and phased manner. Additional school places can be provided either by the expansion of existing schools/academies or the opening of new 'free schools'/academies. In the context of DM3 it should be noted ECC's School Transport policy changed in September 2015 which may result in a change in attendance pattern in the borough. Please see full submission for more information.

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Representation ID: 2501

OBJECT Myland Community Council (Mrs Harris)


The recognition of education needs should be expanded to highlight 'early years' and 'adult education'.

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Representation ID: 1666

SUPPORT The University of Essex represented by The JTS Partnership LLP (Mr Nick Davey)


The University welcomes and supports the presumption, as set out in this Policy, in favour of the development of new, and the expansion of existing, education provision.

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Representation ID: 910

COMMENT Colchester Cycling Campaign (William Branhill)


All new schools should provide a strategy for encouraging children to cycle / be cycled to school. Plans should include assessments of all cycle routes in the area and identify problem points to ECC Highways so that remedial action can be taken as a matter of priority.

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