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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - OV1: Development in Other Villages and Countryside, 6.245 Alternative Options considered

Representation ID: 424

OBJECT Marguerite Livingstone Associatess Ltd represented by Mrs Marguerite Haddrell


Objection relates to removal of settlement boundary to the village of Peldon. The village is of a size and has the facilities and bus service to warrant remaining as a sustainable village with a defined new boundary to include the SLAA site RSE 39 St Ives Road Peldon

More details about Rep ID: 424

Representation ID: 304

COMMENT mr Robert Mortimer


Removal of the boundries is all very well but you must make it clear that you dont want to eroad the village identaties as this could be a bone of contention. Possibly state that the council is setting aside funds to improve of replace village signs

More details about Rep ID: 304

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