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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - OV1: Development in Other Villages and Countryside, Countryside

Representation ID: 1800

COMMENT Layer Marney Parish Meeting (Mrs Elsie Chapman)


Layer Marney Parish has conducted a Rural Housing Needs Survey which closed 15.9.16. Rural Community Council for Essex advise preliminary outcomes are:- All 86 homes in Parish surveyed. 44% return rate. 76% of respondents in favour of a small scale (6-8 homes) development providing primarily affordable homes for local people. 73% respondents also support a small scale open market housing development reducing to 70% if development contains 1or2 affordable homes. Most popular locations cited for development Grassreasons Poultry Farm and Layer Marney Nurseries. Full RCCE report will be forwarded to Borough Council when available.

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Representation ID: 1487

COMMENT Mr Nigel Sagar


The interpretation of settlement boundaries needs further thought in order to achieve the best for residents. It may be in the best interests of villagers to expand a settlement boundary e.g using land adjacent to brownfield, to then change use of combined brownfied and small pockets of agricultural land rather than inappropriately causing permanent damage to land which contributes to village heritage and amenity such as Hall Road Copford. The inclusion of such amenities, even in options, blights the adjacent properties for residents

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Representation ID: 194

COMMENT Cllr Peter Chillingworth


As ward councillor for Rural North, I agree with much of this part of the policy, except that where off lying areas of village housing, such as Lower Green and Inworth Lane in Wakes Colne and other small hamlets where there are gaps between houses and it would be reasonable to treat these as infill, these could be allowed. There is such a situation in Inworth Lane.

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