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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - OV1: Development in Other Villages and Countryside, Other Villages

Representation ID: 1987

OBJECT Mr P Bartholomew represented by Robinson & Hall LLP (Mr Peter Le Grys)


Development should be considered for Little Tey

More details about Rep ID: 1987

Representation ID: 1822

OBJECT Mr Phil Gladwin


'Sustainability' of the OV1 villages is being reduced by the proposed policy

More details about Rep ID: 1822

Representation ID: 1604

OBJECT Joseph Greenhow Planning (Joseph Greenhow)


Please see attachment for full representations on behalf of Mr. P. Slowgrove and Mrs. J. Wojtkiw relating to Site C008.

More details about Rep ID: 1604

Representation ID: 1363

OBJECT Mr Hutley, Mrs Molyneux, Mrs Went represented by Boyer Planning (Ms Kate Kerrigan)


There is little opportunity for development to come forward within the settlement boundaries, particularly Peldon. Allocating some small areas of land would support the vitality of these communities.

It is not clear why the SLAA indicates a red rating for suitability for our clients site at Lower Road, Peldon. The historic use for the site included a bungalow, greenhouses and a post office, therefore development in this location formed part of the characteristics of the village. The site is well located to existing facilities and it is suitable, available and deliverable for the provision of housing.

See attached representations for full details.

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Representation ID: 1128

OBJECT Layer Marney Parish Meeting (Mrs Elsie Chapman)


Para 2 line 4 to be amended to read: 'or contribute to mitigating issues such as flooding or air pollution'.

The Parish requests that the settlement boundary be amended to include 2 brownfield sites, which are both partly within the boundary: Grassreasons Poultry Farm & Layer Marney Nurseries, both sites at Smythes Green.

Birch's allocation of 15 dwellings could be transferred to Layer Marney. Residents have expressed support for small scale housing development.

An RHNS report will be available at the end of September and will be forwarded to CBC.

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Representation ID: 423

OBJECT Marguerite Livingstone Associatess Ltd represented by Mrs Marguerite Haddrell


Object to Peldon Village being classified as an 'Other village' It should be listed as a sustainable village. Also The St Ives Road site should be allocated in Peldon for housing development see attached paper

More details about Rep ID: 423

Representation ID: 272

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


With regard to the last paragraph, how is the need to be demonstrated?

More details about Rep ID: 272

Representation ID: 193

COMMENT Cllr Peter Chillingworth


As a ward councillor for Rural North, I want to retain village envelopes (defined boundaries) for these villages, so that infill is clearly defined and exception sites will also in clearly defined and appropriate places. Although these villages are left out from 'sustainable village' designation, they must not be left to wither and die. I would wish it could be left open that although they have not been allocated sites in this round of Plan review, it could be possible for some small scale development in the future.

More details about Rep ID: 193

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