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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS17c: Caravan Parks

Representation ID: 2988

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


Paragraph 6.228: We welcome reference to flood risk and waste water infrastructure requirements. We would also suggest that reference is included to the requirement (in the NPPF) that sites must have adequate flood warning and evacuation arrangements for them to be acceptable. The reference to these required measures is however in the policy (Policy SS17c).

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Representation ID: 2560

OBJECT Mr David Townend


The growth of the caravan sites with most being now open 12 months of the year has increased traffic onto the island and put pressure onto the school and doctors. I understand caravan owners pay no community tax, although it seems some certainly spend most or all of their time living in Mersea.

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Representation ID: 2530

OBJECT Mrs Barbara Maitland-Wood


I suggest that an in depth survey be carried out of all caravan sites in Mersea offering long term occupation. I would ask for the results to be made known to Mersea residents and publicised.

It is widely known that some caravans are occupied for 11 months of each year and are the main home of the occupiers. It is also known that children from the caravan sites have attended Mersea School although again, this was strenuously denied by our Mayor at the recent public meeting.

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Representation ID: 2466

COMMENT Natural England (Kayleigh Cheese)


Para 6.230 - We advise the wording could be improved by inserting "appropriate" before reference to "mitigation measures".

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Representation ID: 2465

COMMENT Natural England (Kayleigh Cheese)


 SS17c: Caravan Parks - Colne Estuary SSSI, Essex Estuary SAC, Colne Estuary (Mid-Essex Coast Phase 2) SPA and Ramsar. Blackwater Estuary (Mid-Essex Coast Phase 4) SPA, Ramsar, Blackwater Estuary SSSI.
All direct and indirect impacts to designated sites need to be assessed, for impacts such as recreational disturbance, water quality, water dependency and direct land take of functionally linked land. This should be fully covered in the SA. Policies may need amending once the HRA is completed. Green infrastructure provision is essential to reduce impacts from recreational disturbance at these sites.

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Representation ID: 1741

OBJECT Jill Stebbing


Added traffic and parking problems. No buses passing most of the sites, no room to build bike lanes so sustainable leisure transport very unlikely. Abuse of the requirement for caravan owners to have a main address elsewhere where sites have been given extended opening - some have children attending the local school. Extending the sites would add to this problem

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Representation ID: 1713

OBJECT mrs Elaine Akker


Impact on services within West Mersea
Flood Risk
Impact on Strood and roads

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Representation ID: 1541

OBJECT mr James cooke


I strongly object to this

Who will police the increase of population? Im sure the powers that be are making it up as their going along.

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Representation ID: 1314

OBJECT Mr John Akker


Please see objections made under 'Mersea' submitted on 14th September 2016. Specifically, page
1 (under recognising the extent of caravan occupation for population purpose); use of 12 month licensing, page 1; not recognising the extent of flood risk on caravan sites, page 3; not taking account of zone 3 (EA) risk for Coopers Beach, page 3; not believing that the conditions on expansion will curb the rise in caravan pitches. Against allowing increase in caravans numbers irrespective of conditions set, Mobile homes are now the preferred choice of caravan park owners. This is not recognised in this section.

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Representation ID: 1039



The increase in population at the Holiday Parks already puts pressure on local shops and also the Doctors Surgery. There is no way of minimising the impact of extra people on these services.

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Representation ID: 899

OBJECT Mr Raymond Tully


We have 5 caravan parks in a small area on a small island, which is already 2 to many.
So to expand would not be viable, because a least 45 to 50% use these caravans as homes 11 months of the year, and 30% 5 months of the year. This already causes problems with crime, doctors and even shopping.

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Representation ID: 551

OBJECT Mr Rex Ingram


Strongly object.
Since caravans can be used 10 months of year they are basically permanent homes. Therefore I object to further development due to:-
Local junior school full to capacity.
Only one road off island in event of flooding or nuclear attack/ accident. Bradwell only 2 miles away.
Local villages of East Mersea, the Wigborough's, Peldon, Abberton, Langenhoe, Fingringhoe all use West Mersea facilities, together with caravaners. These extra people are not considered in the Council's assessment that West Mersea's facilities are currently adequate.
No capacity at doctors or dentists, already over subscribed.
Nearest hospital 10 miles i.e. 20 miles round trip for emergency ambulance.

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Representation ID: 440

OBJECT Mr Simon Cook


Several of the caravan parks have recently been given full-year licenses leading to an effective large increase in the population of the island and an increase in capacity (over the course of a year) of >10%. This is enough - further extension should not be supported.

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Representation ID: 402

OBJECT Mr Geoffrey Slyfield


I object to any increase in caravan park capacity on Mersea Island on the grounds that it will place further demands on already stretched local services and the poor road network on the island.

More details about Rep ID: 402

Representation ID: 175

OBJECT Mr. William Sunnucks


As drafted the plan will allow further expansion of the caravan sites. A firm ban on further growth is needed - it will adversely impact the image of Mersea as a place to live or holiday, it will further despoil the view of the island from the sea, and it will lead to unsustainable peak season usage of the roads.

Modest development (<10 dwellings) to allow East Mersea to grow as a village should be permitted close to community facilities - the pub, the shop, the village hall or the church.

More details about Rep ID: 175

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