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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Caravan Parks

Representation ID: 1191

OBJECT Mr Peter Tatlow


6.226 What benefit do they bring to the Island? In my view very little, with their own shops, they only add to the pressure of the infrastructure, such as doctors, the already inadequate road system etcwithout contributing financially.
6.227 Pressure from who? Just the owners want more revenue.
General comment, extending the number of months the caravans are occupied, & it now extends to 12 no. months, only adds to the pressure on the Island resources, with no financial input. Business rates only paid to CBC, no benefit to local council!

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Representation ID: 358

OBJECT Mr Paul Baker


I object to this plan

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Representation ID: 302

COMMENT mr Robert Mortimer


buisness first and formost but they want to build a stronger raport with the island

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