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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS17b: Coast Road

Representation ID: 2987

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We support the presumption against residential development in the Coast Road area.

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Representation ID: 2720

COMMENT RSPB (Mark Nowers)


Policies SS17b Coast Road and SS17c Caravan Parks should also note the requirement to screen projects with regard to the Habitats Regulations 2010 (as amended).

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Representation ID: 2676

COMMENT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


SS17b: Coast Road

We recommend under criterion ii 'historic environment assets' is replaced with 'heritage assets'.

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Representation ID: 2523

COMMENT Mersea Island Society (Mr David Gibbons)


The plan states that the coastal section is irreplaceable in terms of natural and cultural features and development in this area must not generate a significant increase in traffic. This popular destination for sailing, dining and general recreation already attracts high traffic volumes and 350 extra homes will generate a significant increase. It seems logical therefore that this decision making criteria should apply to overall development on the island also.

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Representation ID: 2464

COMMENT Natural England (Kayleigh Cheese)


We advise that the final paragraph regarding "houseboat proposals for new moorings" should be clarified to explain that "proposals for houseboats on vacant historic moorings may also be acceptable, subject to an installation method statement which avoids impacts to saltmarsh habitats."

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Representation ID: 2463

COMMENT Natural England (Kayleigh Cheese)


SS17b: Coast Road - Colne Estuary SSSI, Essex Estuary SAC, Colne Estuary (Mid-Essex Coast Phase 2) SPA and Ramsar. Blackwater Estuary (Mid-Essex Coast Phase 4) SPA, Ramsar, Blackwater Estuary SSSI. All direct and indirect impacts to designated sites need to be assessed, for impacts such as recreational disturbance, water quality, water dependency and direct land take of functionally linked land. This should be fully covered SA. Policies may need amending after the HRA is concluded. Green infrastructure provision is essential to reduce recreational disturbance impacts.

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Representation ID: 1899

OBJECT Mrs Rosemary Turrell


The current road infrastructure on the island and surrounding areas is inadequate for the size of the development proposed.

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Representation ID: 1823

OBJECT Mr Keith Turrell


Insufficient infrastructure to support the transportation requirements that this development would produce. On both the island and the surrounding roads.

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Representation ID: 1817

OBJECT Mr Barry Turner


How can the already congested Coast Road area be expected to provide significant additional local employment for many new home owners without destroying it?
The other stated West Mersea employment areas of Rushmere Close and Waldegraves seem unlikely to provide the additional 300 plus jobs capacity either.
The result would be even more daily commuters across the Strood.

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Representation ID: 1189

OBJECT Mr Peter Tatlow


There should be NO further housing development in the Coast Road area of Mersea. Already over developed, recent additional housing built in gardens of established properties, & infill, creates even greater pressure on the roads, particularly in the tourist season, & in the local fishing, oyster 'industries' which have to be maintained for Mersea to maintain its unique identity.

More details about Rep ID: 1189

Representation ID: 995

OBJECT S Bagnall


To many houses. Strain on local amenities and health services

More details about Rep ID: 995

Representation ID: 969

OBJECT Ms rita coombs


Flooding due to concrete cover to build houses on..
sewage and drainage struggling..Taking valuable green belt away for future food supply.
Shortage of infrastructure,to sustain more people.etc doctors dentist schools roads
Power station and the safety of mersea people .

More details about Rep ID: 969

Representation ID: 821

COMMENT Charlotte Powell


The proposed designation of the Mersea Waterfront should be strengthened further to avoid any chance of residential development replacing the maritime uses of the area, considering the recent changes to the DMPO 2015 and Permitted Development Rights.

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Representation ID: 800

OBJECT Mr David Chadwick


In summary, I would like to record my objections to the Local Plan proposals for Mersea Island due to the insufficiency of local infrastructure in terms of medical, schools and roads to cope with such development and the safety risk from a future Bradwell B power station and the difficulty of evacuation across the Strood..

More details about Rep ID: 800

Representation ID: 746

OBJECT mrs sally thomson


There is only one road off the island which would not cope in an emergency situation. There is not sufficient school places, doctors and other local amenities for an increased population.

More details about Rep ID: 746

Representation ID: 659

OBJECT Mr Rod Clark


West Mersea has already reached capacity for: Sewerage,Medical and Schooling. Parking is a major
Issue. West Mersea already has the prescribed number of houses that the Borough Council has agreed is appropriate for the infrastructure! It appears that the planning dept do not communicate with the Community Tax department!

If Bradwell Power Station is re commissioned - Evacuation during an emergency would be Impossible and further development would be irresponsible!

More details about Rep ID: 659

Representation ID: 652

OBJECT Mr Richard Waylen


Infrastructure and provision of care home

More details about Rep ID: 652

Representation ID: 606

OBJECT mr simon liston


Already stretched with existing population and holiday makers.
Traffic already oppressive.
Hardly any local jobs available.

More details about Rep ID: 606

Representation ID: 535

OBJECT mr robert handford


I can honestly say im not a "NIMBY" but i really feel this development will harm the character and feel of the place and there is not adequate infrastructure to deal with such a large plan.

More details about Rep ID: 535

Representation ID: 508

OBJECT Mrs L Dunnett


I strongly object to an increase in additional housing on Mersea Island, all services are in adequate to support any extra growth. Mersea cannot support any more housing.
L C Dunnett

More details about Rep ID: 508

Representation ID: 500

OBJECT Mrs Maria Stephens


I am totally against this planning application due to the amount of homes proposed to be built. This island cannot take any more residents, the school, the doctors, sthe dentist, the shops, the roads the whole infrastructure will collapse, especially when school holidays bring thousands of extra people to the caravan parks on the island.

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Representation ID: 491

OBJECT mrs gillian strutt


the infrastructure, including the doctors surgery, is not able to cope with the present population let alone MORE people.
Anyone, with common sense , can see that for them selves, can't they?

More details about Rep ID: 491

Representation ID: 450

OBJECT Mr Dec Jarvis


Totally totally object.
The facilities on our Island really struggle to cope with the current population, and then you can dial in the number of additional persons visiting the Caravan parks during the season which can number another 2000, so you want to add another 1000+++ to our problem???. NO NO NO to these developments proposed to our Island.

More details about Rep ID: 450

Representation ID: 301

COMMENT mr Robert Mortimer


The enviromental impact of motorised leasure equipment (i.e. jet skies ) need to be looked into and possible in areas that it could cause damge by dreging up the seabed (ouster areas) and wave impact on the strood road fencing a reaport with percentages showing impact in areas around island would help with reducing wear and tear.

More details about Rep ID: 301

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