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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - West Mersea

Representation ID: 2718

COMMENT RSPB (Mark Nowers)


Para. 6.215 acknowledges that Mersea Island is situated at the confluence of the Colne and Blackwater Estuaries. Both of these estuaries are internationally important wildlife sites, designated for their breeding little terns, wintering waders and wildfowl, saltmarsh habitats and invertebrates and are potentially vulnerable to increased recreational disturbance resulting from housing development in the area. We recommend that their designations as SPAs and Ramsar sites should therefore be referenced in the text.

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Representation ID: 2402

COMMENT Mr Henry spyvee


The seafront area of West Mersea needs better protection through the Local Plan due its special character.
This is the only seaside area in North East Essex which does not have a promenade and is quite different from its neighbours.
New policy proposed to
a) Protects the area from development of other uses
b) Allows the erection of new beach huts subject to protection from over development.
c) Ensures that beach huts are kept in reasonable building and decorative order to protect the visual amenity of the area.
Map is difficult to read.

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Representation ID: 2109

OBJECT Mr Nick Reay


I object to the proposed development of 350 houses. This size of development is disproportionate to the existing community which is already stretched in terms of local amenities such as doctors and schools.
It would increasingly urbanize what is now a quiet semi rural seaside town and would harm its character.
I therefore object to the proposal on the above grounds

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Representation ID: 2080

OBJECT Mr Mike Daniels


I challenge and object to many of the assertions contained in the plan:
- all the roads and footpaths on the island are too narrow and in poor condition. They cannot take additional numbers.
- the local school is already full. To build more classrooms on its playing field is stupid and criminal,
- The doctors' surgery is already too small. We have now been 'shafted' three times: it cannot cope with an 11% increase in numbers.
- the new houses will be furthest from the shops etc., therefore many people will drive, and there is insufficient parking space.

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Representation ID: 1952

OBJECT Mrs Joanne Gosling


To summarize we have no full time emergency services.
Too much burden on our already struggling health care and schools.
Infrastructure is unsuitable for further vehicles.
No out of season local jobs.
No suitable housing for the young or old that have been living on the island all their life.
Evacuation policy when considering Bradwell B???
Terrible bus transportation, especially when they drop old and young off the Island at high tide to walk the remainder of the way.

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Representation ID: 1895

OBJECT Ms Shirley Swan


The services mentioned in 6.2.16 are under huge pressure and are frequently failing to meet the needs of the current residents (even outside the holiday season when visitors greatly increase resource requirements).
6.2.17 There is no possible way that these existing struggling services could support an 11% increase in Mersea's permanent population.

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Representation ID: 1784

OBJECT Mr Barry Turner


There are 3580 registered Council Tax payers on West Mersea not the stated 3200. These figures do not take account of the additional permanent residents in mobile homes and lodges on the island. The proposed 350 additional dwellings has therefore already been significantly exceeded.
The availability of existing facilities and services on the island is already inadequate and further major growth would not be sustainable. Many tourists and holidaymakers also visit the island placing further pressure on the infrastructure.

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Representation ID: 1760



We have grave concerns in relation to
* 1000 extra residents and 700 extra cars
* East Road impact
* increased traffic
* bottleneck at Queens corner
* pressure on the Strood and Mersea Road
* evacuation procedures
* Bradwell Power Station
* school places and teaching spaces
* places at doctors and dentists
* pressure on Air Ambulance
* pressure on parking
* community safety - no police presence,
* developers over developing the land
* lack of TRULY affordable homes for our own children and their families
* impact on sewerage system
* impact on red squirrel population
* number of residents much higher than reported

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Representation ID: 1720

OBJECT Mr Daniel Brooke


The community infrastructure on Mersea Island is already at breaking point. Mersea primary school currently is a very large school. These houses will disproportionatley appeal to young famillies. The potential number of new children that could be accomodated in the additional 350 houses would be beyond the capacity of the school. any proposal would need to plan for the worst case scenario and involve the managemnt of the local service providers.

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Representation ID: 1660

OBJECT Mr Alan Rogers


Any planned housing development on Mersea Island should be suspended until a decision on the planned Chinese Nuclear Power station at Bradwell has been decided. Bradwell is just two miles from Mersea Island, any need for evacuation would be difficult today, a further 1000+ residents on the very restricted roads and the causeway could prove to be a serious planning over site. This is just one of many facts that make a decision to build 350 houses on an Island location, a very strange and ill thought out proposal.

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Representation ID: 1372

COMMENT Mrs Julie Pearson


I would invite the Council to take into consideration the existing year on year development on Mersea Island; the affect on services and infrastructure; safety issues regarding Bradwell Nuclear site and flooding; and the nature of the possible developments.

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Representation ID: 1269

OBJECT MR Alan Mason


Infrastructure not able to cope with more dwellings. Roads, Doctors, shops, roads and parking need major improvement but there is no more room.

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Representation ID: 1265

OBJECT Professor Marcus Pembrey


I object to building 350 houses at Dawes Lane and Brierley Paddocks. To agree now is 'to put the cart before the horse' and close off opportunities for future generations. First a proper Mersea Neighbourhood Plan must be researched and established - housing is just one element in a sustainable, integrated community. Many factors (including the future of local employment) will contribute to the maintenance of social cohesion in Mersea, a major source of well-being for residents - and visitors. Para 6.217 is disingenuous in claiming existing facilities and services can cope with an estimated 11% increase.

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Representation ID: 1248

OBJECT Miss Anna Paton


There are insufficient services to be able to cope with 350 more houses. The doctors surgery is full to the brim, it is not large enough to cope, you struggle to get an appointment. The two supermarkets mentioned are only express supermarkets, and thee is only 1 primary school here!

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Representation ID: 1188

OBJECT Mr Peter Tatlow


Fact: 1. There are not 2 no. supermarkets, 1 no. small Co op & a Tesco Express that cannot satisfy current demand!
2. School cannot absorb estimated additional 200 no pupils. Where would older pupils go?
3. Existing services cannot sustain additional population, & additional infrastructure will destroy the Island.
6.217 Fact: Current housing numbers according to Council Tax Band is 3573, so have 373 more than CBC own figures below, no need for further development!

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Representation ID: 1105

OBJECT Mr David Nurse


We should not be destroying green spaces, the infrastructure of Mersea is already struggling and the demand on local services is great. A thousand extra people is just not sustainable. If the character of Mersea goes, so too will the tourism. The Council should be careful about allowing such a gem in its area to be lost.

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Representation ID: 1104

OBJECT Miss Rebekah Straughan


I strongly object to this> as well as the tragic loss of green space the area is already incredibly overcrowded in the summer months. More people on the island would simply take the place to breaking point once the summer comes around. Mersea island is unique and draws a great deal of visitors - thus helping Colchester Borough Council through tourism. These plans will destroy that and CBC may just kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

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Representation ID: 852

COMMENT Mrs Christy Griffin-Pritchard


I think if the bus system is to work, you need to have more buses. One for the elderly population and one for the secondary schools

More details about Rep ID: 852

Representation ID: 396

OBJECT Mr David Wood


Expanding the population by 12% plus with relatively little improvement in the road maintenance, improvement in widths East Road and Dawes Lane particularly will damage the local environment. Parking issues in the village centre and the limited supermarket and doctors surgery parking mean that all are incapable of supporting additional population on that scale. In the holiday season the road access leading to beaches and the main shops are often gridlocked. One way systems have to be considered and better traffic management at the Strood implemented BEFORE expansion.

More details about Rep ID: 396

Representation ID: 389

OBJECT Mr Roger Munday


Roads, traffic volumes , Water Treatment, and infrastructure generally does not support sustainable development on this scale.

More details about Rep ID: 389

Representation ID: 383

OBJECT Mrs Lisa Williamson


I strongly object to the proposals. West Mersea does not have the infrastructure to cope with this amount of new houses. The doctors and dentist are very overstretched. In summer the additional tourists mean that parking is extremely limited and at times dangerous. As a mother, I concerned that the safety of my children and the local residents will be compromised. West Mersea is already struggling to cope in the summer months . Rubbish is strewn everywhere, you cannot park to go shopping and getting a doctors appointment is impossible.

More details about Rep ID: 383

Representation ID: 353

OBJECT Mr Paul Baker


I object to this plan please find attachments

More details about Rep ID: 353

Representation ID: 352

OBJECT Mrs Julie Baker


I am writing to you regarding the proposed plans for two new housing estates on Mersea Island. One is for 300 houses the other for 500 totalling 800.
Please see attached objections:

More details about Rep ID: 352

Representation ID: 116

OBJECT Mrs Donna Hadsley-Chaplin


The level of existing facilities can not support an 11% increase in housing which equates to maybe 1000 people. Mersea school is already bursting at the seams, the doctors surgery has recently shed 90 patients and it's move to new premises has stalled again. There is no police force on the island. Every summer day, the population swells by hundreds as people visit the beach. There is insufficient parking everywhere to deal with this. There is not coastguard or water bailiff.

More details about Rep ID: 116

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