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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS16: West Bergholt

Representation ID: 2991

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We would welcome the opportunity to be involved with the strategic development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

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Representation ID: 2820

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development on the scale proposed here is unlikely to have a severe impact on the Strategic Road Network.

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Representation ID: 2442

OBJECT Hopkins Homes represented by Pegasus Group (Nicky Parsons)


The policy requires that the Neighbourhood Plan delivers 120 dwellings. This sets a maximum yield for this village and does not allow the Parish to plan for more growth than indicated in the Plan. My client considers this to be a mistake that may prevent the Parish from delivering wider benefits. It is also unclear how the limit of 120 units has been determined. My client considers that this village should be taking at least the same level of development as is proposed for Eight Ash Green. Suggested revision to policy to 'at least 150 dwellings' and other revisions made.

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Representation ID: 2350

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Growth would generate up to 36 primary aged pupils and up to 24 secondary aged pupils. Heathlands CE VC Primary School, operating at close to capacity. School could accommodate this level of growth but would not allow for capacity for surrounding area. Cumulative impact of village expansion could result in need for secondary school capacity expansion.
Developer contributions would be required to expand early years current facilities.

Neighbourhood Plan should include SuDS requirements.

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Representation ID: 2216

OBJECT Braiswick Residents Association (Mr Robert Waites)


The draft Local Plan wishes to avoid development on land to the south of the West Bergholt to avoid 'inter-visibility' between Colchester and West Bergholt (policy 6.210). However will not the proposed development of St Botolph's Farm have a similar effect (Policy NC3)?

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Representation ID: 2181

OBJECT West Bergholt Parish Council (Mrs Laura Walkingshaw)


It is anticipated that over the life of the Local Plan infill sites within the existing village envelope will come forward which will provide 20 houses, albeit the mix and location will not be specifiable in the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council thus requires Local Plan policy SS16 (ii) be amended.

The Parish Council thus requires the Draft Local Plan policy para 6.214 be amended to include Local Economic Areas in Pattens Yard, Colchester Road, Nayland Road, Bourne Road, Fossetts Lane and Armoury Farm as set out on the attached Map B.

Concerned about coalescence with neighbouring towns and villages.

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Representation ID: 2018

COMMENT West Bergholt Parish Council (Mrs Laura Walkingshaw)


West Bergholt Parish Council generally support the Draft Local Plan. However, they disagree with some of the proposals eg. the number of dwellings proposed and the areas/class of the business parks. They also require the Draft Local Plan to empower the Parish Council to set criteria for Areas of both Special Character & Landscape to resist inappropriate development. Finally, the Parish Council wish to object to the developments proposed for Braiswick on the other side of the A12, in order to ensure there is no coalescence of West Bergholt with adjacent parishes & localities.

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Representation ID: 2017

OBJECT Edward Gittins & Associates (Edward Gittins)


The settlement boundary should be amended to include a small development of 3 bungalows at Land at Cooks Hall Lane.

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Representation ID: 1882

OBJECT Edward Gittins & Associates (Edward Gittins)


Land at Amoury Road, West Bergholt should be allocated for housing.

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Representation ID: 942

COMMENT Dedham Vale Society (Mr J R Drury)


Policies SS16 appears to limit housing developments in the northern villages to either where a development is incomplete, Great Horkesley, or Neighbourhood Plans are underway, West Bergholt and Eight Ash Green etc and this is welcomed

More details about Rep ID: 942

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