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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Rowhedge

Representation ID: 2087

OBJECT Mrs Linda Moles


Battleswick is a working farm and as such SHOULD NOT be developed for housing. We must protect our green spaces. Local infrastructure will not support more people and vehicles. roads are choked and doctor and schools are full to capacity

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Representation ID: 1912

OBJECT Mrs Elizabeth Nelson-Hayes


Rowhedge has been used for development for many years and is a seperate settlement with a vibrate friendly people with a real sense of community. This will be pushed to its limits with the dock development. Building on the Battleswick field will have a detrimental affect on both Rowhege & Old Heath
Flooding is an issue. The wildlife will suffer. It will be another field gone from agriculture-to not be replaced.
We are in the same ward as Old Heath & The Hythe but we have our own identity and do not want to join up.

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Representation ID: 1710

OBJECT Mr Craig Wass


Lots of past development already in Rowhedge & now the Wharf is being developed I feel we do not need anymore extra houses.
Doctors, preschool, primary school already at capacity, not to mention the roads are at bursting point. Possible flooding to Bitch Brook & destruction of wildlife & hedgerows. The village will merge into suburbia if this happens & will lose the character & feel of this lovely place. The name says it all Row-hedge - a row of hedges, which will disappear forever potentially.

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Representation ID: 1460

OBJECT Mr Kenneth Bates


Rowhedge has already taken more than its fair share of development with the inevitable effects on school, wildlife, flooding,traffic congestion, parking, light and pollution. Battleswickwill become less viable as a farm if half of the land is sold off and this will inevitably lead to the potential for further building. I object very strongly to the inclusion of Battleswick in the local plan for building.

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Representation ID: 1441

OBJECT Mrs Sara Wass


There is already housing being built at present.
More housing will put a huge strain on the village Doctors surgery, pre-school & primary school which are already full. There will be extra traffic in a village where parking is horrific. Rowhedge will no longer be a village if the strip of land that separates us & Old Heath, is built on & the village will lose its identity.
Valuable farmland & wildlife will also be lost, not to mention the prospect of Birch Brook flooding.
Potentially more planning/housing could be built if this application is granted & the village will change forever.

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Representation ID: 1380

OBJECT Mrs Charmienne Bond


- Village infrastructure is already at near capacity (schools, GP surgery, roads/congestion)..No additional provision is being suggested.
- Battleswick IS a GREEN FIELD site (not like the Wharf which is brown field); should not be considered and derelict to preserving area's ecology.
- Flooding risk will increase with inevitable downhill 'run-off';

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Representation ID: 954

OBJECT mr John Rankin


The school and clinic are at maximum capacity already and with the housing development at the old docks will be at breaking point. Why are these development plans even looked at when they do not include extra needed facilities within the plans ?

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Representation ID: 905

OBJECT Mrs Jane Sims


There are 250 more homes being built at the Quay. In the last 10 years, 190 have been built on the river. A development of 50 homes plus, means a 40% increase in housing in the past 10 years. NOTHING has been done to improve the infrastructure. The surgery and school are oversubscribed. Traffic is an issue. The quay was a brownfield site. This proposal is for a prime agricultural greenfield site. If this is allowed it will be the end of Rowhedge as a village.There is flooding at the brook after rain - the road is impassable.

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Representation ID: 748

OBJECT Mr Tim Hayes


NO to light pollution
NO to noise pollution
NO to destruction of wildlife
NO to more traffic
NO to LESS resources ie, Doctors/School places
NO to demise of village life.

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Representation ID: 691

OBJECT Mrs Carole Foster


I object to this suggested housing development as it will have adversed affect on the doctors surgery and school provision.

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Representation ID: 306

OBJECT miss vivian smith


Object to proposed 60 new homes
Need to scale down
Rowhedge has a distinctive character
Already threatened by Rowhedge Wharf development
Battleswick Farm is potential land for large green infrastructure
Need to enhance potential of Rowhedge as tourist areas, creating employment opportunities.
Opportunity to create well-being space for new settlement East of Colchester near Riverside Setting.

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Representation ID: 214

OBJECT mr Trevor Lauenborg


I think it is about time that the council realised that they cannot just keep putting new housing developments anywhere. Quality of life for the existing local population should be the first consideration. There is already a new large development in Rowhedge in the old dock area. Pressure will be put on the local doctors surgery. Allow Rowhedge to remain a village and not be swept up by becoming a suburb of Colchester which has already been ruined by overdeveloping by developers who wish to make money at the expense of the local population.

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Representation ID: 145

OBJECT Mr Neil Allen


As a life long Rowhedger I have seen the village change immensely over the years,especially recently. The locals have accepted the recent and ongoing developments but have seen the strain this has put on the local infrastructure such as the school and medical practice being over stretched.
The time has come for us now to say enough is enough and let us preserve Rowhedge as a village and our way of life. We've already done our bit for new houses in the borough.

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Representation ID: 97

OBJECT Ms Barbara Chaplin


"Sustainable " is to " keep from falling apart or failing" (dictionary speak) quite the opposite of how further development would impact on the village.
The use of "unreasonable" in describing the impact on local services and facilities is very subjective and should never be used in an Official document without specific qualification

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Representation ID: 56

OBJECT Rachel Poulson


Strongly object. There has been enough development in the village already, the school, doctors and roads will not be able to cope with any further development, would it only be 60 dwellings? doubt it, Rowhedge needs to be kept as a village and not joined to Colchester.

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Representation ID: 30

OBJECT Mr Anthony Pullon


Protect Rowhedge from over development and the social impact this would have on our community. No erosion of the green gap between. Rowhedge and Colchester.

More details about Rep ID: 30

Representation ID: 19

OBJECT Miss Karen Robertson


Village cannot cope with it. We have just doubled in size with the quay development. This development will spoil the village both aesthetically and environmentally, we need some green. Please don't do it.

More details about Rep ID: 19

Representation ID: 5

OBJECT Ms Susan Allen


There are plans to build 260 new homes on the Wharf development, not 170.... the information in this proposal is inaccurate. A 38%+ increase in homes, population and vehicles will devastate our village .... we do not have the health or education services, not the parking or roadways to manage such an increase. This proposal is unsustainable within the constraints of Rowhedge boundaries and facilities. There is no room for these services to expand within the current village boundaries.

More details about Rep ID: 5

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