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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS12: Layer de la Haye

Representation ID: 3029

OBJECT Layer de la Haye Parish Council (Mrs Hughes)


The infrastructure and facilities available to residents are not able to cope with significant expansion of the village. We are not a sustainable community.

We and the residents are not in favour of additional development in the village and do not support development on site 106 or any other site, with the possible exception of site 177 (Chestnut Farm). We also believe site 106 scores very poorly against many of the key assessment criteria and in our opinion is not a sustainable location for development.

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Representation ID: 2940

COMMENT NHS England and North East Essex CCG (Kerry Harding)


Reference to Winstree Medical Practice being at capacity, the potential capacity requirements of this area will be taken into consideration.

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Representation ID: 2877

COMMENT Layer de la Haye Parish Council (Mr Brian Turner)


If development is deemed necessary infrastructure to support the additional housing should be agreed in advance. Infrastructure requested new children's play area on development, upgrades to 2 existing estate roads and other facilities that may be needed but as yet have not been identified.

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Representation ID: 2876

COMMENT Layer de la Haye Parish Council (Mr Brian Turner)


If development is deemed necessary then
42 dwellings as originally proposed is more appropriate.
PC preference for bungalows and small family homes ( mix of 2 & 3 beds)
Identified need for 8 small properties ( up to 3 beds) for local people/families.
Proposed access via Hawfinch unsuitable. This is not the most sustainable route.
Concerns raised about safety for school children crossing High Road

Alternative access proposed off The Folley which should be made one way during construction period and upgraded. Explore opportunity to create cul de sac off Folley in new development.

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Representation ID: 2807

OBJECT Tollgate Partnership Limited represented by Strutt & Parker (Sam Hollingworth)


The text should be amended to 'approximately 50 dwellings' instead of 'up to' given that the 920 annual housing target is a minimum.

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Representation ID: 2806

SUPPORT Tollgate Partnership Limited represented by Strutt & Parker (Sam Hollingworth)


The allocation of land at The Folley, Layer de la Haye is supported. The site benefits from a lack of constraints and a delivery statement is included as part of this submission.

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Representation ID: 2794

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development on the scale proposed here is unlikely to have a severe impact on the Strategic Road Network.

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Representation ID: 2717

COMMENT RSPB (Mark Nowers)


It should be acknowledged that the site will require screening under the Habitats Regulations 2010 (as amended) due to proximity to the Abberton Reservoir SPA and Ramsar site, and that, if required, mitigation for in-combination impacts could be provided through developer contributions to a strategic mitigation scheme (see our comments on SG8).

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Representation ID: 2458

COMMENT Natural England (Kayleigh Cheese)


SS12 Layer de le Haye - IRZ for Abberton Resevoir SPA, Ramsar, SSSI.
The above allocation sites fall within Natural England's Impact Risk Zones (IRZ's) and all direct and indirect impacts to designated sites need to be assessed, for impacts such as recreational disturbance, water quality, water dependency and direct land take of functionally linked land. This should be fully covered in the SA, which have commented on below. The policies may need to be amended after the findings of the HRA. Green infrastructure provision is essential to reduce impacts from recreational disturbance at these sites.

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Representation ID: 2346

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Amendments suggested:
Access shall be via Old Forge Road and/or Great House Farm Road, not by single access point via Hawthorn Road/Great House Farm Road; change 'footpaths' to 'footways'.

Demand for 15 primary aged pupils and 10 secondary aged pupils. Layer-De-La Haye CE VC Primary School operating at capacity. The school could accommodate growth but would affect access by Colchester area pupils. Cumulative impact of village expansion could result in need for secondary school capacity expansion.

Existing capacity in current early years facilities.

GP surgery at capacity. Need to determine if additional capacity is possible or in nearby GP surgeries.

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Representation ID: 2259

COMMENT North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (Jane Mower)


reference to Winstree Road Medical Practice and the practice being at capacity. As part of the Primary Care Transformation agenda, capacities at existing surgeries are currently under review. The potential additional capacity requirements of this area will be taken into consideration.

More details about Rep ID: 2259

Representation ID: 1730

OBJECT Mr Andrew Stallan


Vehicle access through the folly pedestrian access through the existing estate

More details about Rep ID: 1730

Representation ID: 1701

OBJECT Mrs Jennifer Regan


I have lived in Layer de la haye for 13 years. We already have cars speeding down Old Forge Road to get to Greate house farm & Hawfinch Road. I dread the day a child is injured or killed. With 50 more homes comes 50+more Cars!! It's ridiculous to drag that amount of traffic & not to mention construction vehicles through our little community.

More details about Rep ID: 1701

Representation ID: 1697

OBJECT Mr Matt Regan


Object to building so soon after resorvoir expansion

More details about Rep ID: 1697

Representation ID: 1607

OBJECT Joseph Greenhow Planning (Joseph Greenhow)


Please see attachment for full representations on behalf of Mr. R. Tucker relating to Site RSE09.

More details about Rep ID: 1607

Representation ID: 1403

OBJECT Mr Simon Jones


poor and potentially dangerous access through already crowded turnings on estate
increase in pollution at junctions becuse of additional traffic
Walkways at Fox Tavern are narrow and poorly sighted especially for young children.
Oversubscribed surgery and school.
The Folly is already worrisome to walk at twighlight;additional traffic will make this worse.
Traffic congestion at village pinch points...Birch Bridge,Roman River Bridge,Gosbeck/Berechurch roundabouts.

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Representation ID: 1389

OBJECT Mr Stephen Hart


.....All of the above comments have been aired previously
to untold committees
I believe my comments above will fall on deaf ears
and this proposal will approved and carried through regardless.....
Kind Regards
Stephen and Linda Hart

More details about Rep ID: 1389

Representation ID: 1339

COMMENT Mr John Tucker


Although I support the principle of additional homes within the village, my main concern relates to access off the estate.
Logically the Folley would provide the best link for transport with footpath links through the estate.
The majority of vehicles leaving the estate from Hawfinch road turn left and then enter the Folley. Therefore why not circumvent the volume of traffic using the estate road.
Due to volume of cars on the estate I am also concerned for safety of children playing outside their homes, plus access for emergency services. Once again access direct to the Folley would negate these issues.

More details about Rep ID: 1339

Representation ID: 1322

OBJECT Mr John Connelly


Adverse impact on local infrastructure. Including road access,school,doctors and village ameneties

More details about Rep ID: 1322

Representation ID: 1260

OBJECT Mr David Kittle


Little to zero infrastructure or resources that support further homes in the area. Road access via the proposed route would create additional traffic in an already congested estate, where safety for the families and children that live and play these should be prioritised over such a development. Only one, already stretched,doctor surgery, one full school. In addition, it would be preferable to me to keep some "open land" around the village to preserve the feel and atmosphere of the village.

More details about Rep ID: 1260

Representation ID: 1176

OBJECT Mrs Caroline Jones


50 houses is too many for the size of the village. Local infrastructure i.e. the doctors surgery and the local school are already at capacity. The local roads to the village are not suitable to cope with extra traffic.
The proposed access to the site would cause major disruption to existing residents and a danger to pedestrians.
Public transport for the village is very poor.

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Representation ID: 1170

COMMENT Mr Andrew Frost


Inadequate bus service to and from Village.
No Post Office, presenting problems for Pensioners.
Roads on main estate are laid concrete and very noisy are need of being relaid with Tarmac to decrease noise of extra traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 1170

Representation ID: 1106

COMMENT Mr James Russell-Grant


No objection so long as:
50 means 50, The Folly is considered for access, houses are in keeping with the local area and there is guaranteed investment in the local infrastructure including the school and surgery.

More details about Rep ID: 1106

Representation ID: 1096

OBJECT Mrs Kathryn Shackshaft


Not enough infra structure in village to support 50 new dwellings, especially roads, footpaths, school, doctors surgery and public transport. If built vehicle access to be via Folly as existing estate already heavily congested by parked cars. Safety a great concern, especially for children playing in open areas for estate. Malting Green Road doesn't have footpath running full length and is being heavily used by speeding traffic as a cut through to access Stanway and A12 at peak times. The Folly is also used as a cut through to avoid congestion on Berechurch Hall Road.

More details about Rep ID: 1096

Representation ID: 1095

OBJECT Mr Kenneth Perkins


The doctors surgery and the school cannot cope with the existing population.

Old Forge Road is already over used by a mixture of traffic even though the sign opposite the village shop says it is a no through road.

If the only access to the proposed site is via Great House Farm Road then the resulting increase in contractors vehicles will make the lives of the residents of Old Forge Road intolerable. Perhaps consideration should be given to making it one way.

The infrastructure cannot cope with 50 extra dwellings and the vehicles that will come with them.

More details about Rep ID: 1095

Representation ID: 1093

SUPPORT Hannah Johns


Fully support proposal.
Houses should be in keeping with current properties and should include houses for young families in layer trying to get on the property ladder to stay in the village

More details about Rep ID: 1093

Representation ID: 1058

OBJECT Mr Paul Rickwood


Loss of privacy for existing residents.

Highway safety at Layer Fox, narrow pathway to the school.

Increased traffic generation with inadequate public walkway.

Road access for construction traffic into the village combined with the two points above.

Previous planning denied and no changes since.

Inadequate Public service Infrastructure.

Nature conservation.

Visual impact of the development.

More details about Rep ID: 1058

Representation ID: 1055

OBJECT Mrs Linda Stewart


As stated in the report the school and doctors are full. As a resident like many others I cannot get an appointment at the doctors - more residents will make this impossible position even worse. The planned access roads are not suitable this amount of traffic and are literally accidents waiting to happen. I hope these plans are carefully considered and rejected.

More details about Rep ID: 1055

Representation ID: 1054

SUPPORT Mr Craig Last


Hawfinch Road is already to busy. Traffic calming is essential.

More details about Rep ID: 1054

Representation ID: 1052

OBJECT Mrs Rachel gentry


Object strongly - access road suggested it totally unsuitable and will turn a lovely quiet cul de sac into a busy unsafe road!!!

More details about Rep ID: 1052

Representation ID: 1051

OBJECT Mrs Sandy Measor


Too much traffic going through the Hawfinch Road access to the existing estate.
Public safety no speed calming system.
No good reason why the entrance cannot be in The Folley

More details about Rep ID: 1051

Representation ID: 1050

COMMENT Mrs Anne McAndrew


50 homes maximum.
Cars through estate unrealistic, doesn't encourage walking.
To Colchester past cars outside doctors & walkers no footpaths, or by crossroads. Estate choked cars. Access Folley cars straight to Colchester.
Sewage pipes estate incorrect.
School full.
Parent parking crises.
+15 pupils re homes? Downsizing larger homes means more children.
Doctors understaffed.
Crossroad Church Road, Fox fence, telegraph pole obscuring.
Buses bad.
Access village inadequate.
Crashes bridge B1026, Gosbecks Road roundabout, blocked constant flow from Berechurchhall.
Friday Woods bridge!
Birch Lake council won't maintain bridge.
Many without super-fast broadband.
Promised green space per councillors, playing, walking, trees left, but Councillors come/go!
Construction traffic Folley only option.

More details about Rep ID: 1050

Representation ID: 1045

OBJECT Mrs Wendy Callister


Briefly,access is a major concern(see full representation on this) Infrastructure not in place to support 50 houses ie schools,GP surgery and transport. Original objection supported small local development like Millfields but for LOCAL people only this is needed to enable young people to stay in their village of birth. I feel fifty houses is too large for Layer to take given the lack of infrastructure,but would support small local development for between ten to fifteen houses.

More details about Rep ID: 1045

Representation ID: 1042

OBJECT Mr Mark Campe


Our existing road Infrastructure and the proposed site access is to fragile to sustain additional traffic from proposed new development. More traffic will cause further pollution, noise and potential danger to local residents and pedestrians. There is only one Doctors surgery in Village which is already oversubscribed. The Village primary school is oversubscribed and surrounding secondary schools also stretched. The development will encroach on the Villages Green Envelope. Perfectly fertile agricultural fields, hedgerows, public footpath, bridleway and untold amounts of natural Flora, Fauna and Wildlife will be destroyed/decimated.We need to protect our Rural Villages and open spaces not destroy them.

More details about Rep ID: 1042

Representation ID: 841

OBJECT Ms Julie Ballam


I must say in this time I have noticed everything speed and build up! I now have an 8 year old son. When he started school in 2012 he was in a class of 28, his class now 32 with a waiting list, it is a similar situation for the other classes too.

He is asthmatic, I find it difficult to get an appointment without notice

the A120,get busier too, this leads to more pollution (which effects my sons breathing), it now takes my partner up to 40 minutes to get to work (Braintree), just 10 miles away.

More details about Rep ID: 841

Representation ID: 838

OBJECT Ms Julie Ballam


Road before - House increases.

The road condition very poor, the pot holes and loose drain covers are a hazard in themselves. It took 6 weeks to get Anglian Water to replace a drain cover which had deteriorated, we had 6 weeks of broken sleep. The straw that broke the camels back was when my son was sent home for falling asleep at his desk where he was struggling through lack of sleep because of said drain. There have been a number of serious accidents recently, and one death!

More details about Rep ID: 838

Representation ID: 702

OBJECT Layer de la Haye Parish Council (Mr Brian Turner)


PC support the view of residents - planned development outlined in the Local Plan is unsustainable at present.
Infrastructure- schools, health facilities are at capacity. No GP and poor bus service

More details about Rep ID: 702

Representation ID: 205

OBJECT Mrs Marguerite Haddrell represented by Mrs Marguerite Haddrell


50 new dwellings for the village is too many.There is no regular bus service into Colchester town which extends throughout the day.The site is located away from any bus stops.The existing village school is at capacity.The access proposed is inadequate and may be subject to a ransom strip situation.

More details about Rep ID: 205

Representation ID: 187

OBJECT Mr Chris Kyan


The roads are inadequate, the village facilities are poor. The access to the site is inadequate. The quite enjoyment of a Village would be lost forever.

More details about Rep ID: 187

Representation ID: 171

OBJECT Louise Cotton


Poor infrastructure in the village. Pressure on local Doctor`s Surgery. Village School is full. Concern over works traffic during construction a risk to residents and children

More details about Rep ID: 171

Representation ID: 129

COMMENT Mr Nick Clark


More houses mean more cars and the pressure this will place on the bridge near to the Donkey and Buskin public house will be considerable, already the bridge is constantly being driven into. The proposed access route via the estate especially for the builders vehicles would increase traffic considerably through this area and change the dynamics totally for those residents.The Folly is an unsafe road at the best of times and so this could be made into a single one way road for builders lorries to use and then exit the village via Malting Green Rd and into High Rd.

More details about Rep ID: 129

Representation ID: 121

SUPPORT Mr & Mrs J & A Hobday


The Plans for housing and bungalows we find perfectly acceptable.

Request for two accesses to the proposed housing via The Folley and the Malting Green Road area.

More details about Rep ID: 121

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