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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Langham

Representation ID: 1706

OBJECT Mrs Helen Hewes


Despite your Preferred Options document agreeing with the Parish Council's consultation conclusions that "proportional growth" is appropriate and that "major growth would destroy Langham" the document then proceeds to suggest an increase of 30% of houses (125 on top of around 400), all crammed into an suburban style estate. How does this constitute a "proportional", "small scale" development?

I would ask you to reconsider the number of proposed dwellings to be placed in School Road.

I would also urge you to insist that any developer allowed to develop land around School Road also build a car park for the Primary School.

More details about Rep ID: 1706

Representation ID: 685

OBJECT Mr Roy Smith


See attached letter

extreme concern at the disproportionate number of dwellings being put forward in the emerging Local Plan.
strongly reconsider downwards the number of new dwellings being put forward as per attached views for your reconsideration.

More details about Rep ID: 685

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