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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Great Tey

Representation ID: 1558

COMMENT British Horse Society (Mrs Sue Dobson)


Where development affects a public right of way the opportunity to upgrade and enhance the network to make it accessible to more user groups, including equestrians, should be taken and a commitment on this basis embedded within the Policy.

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Representation ID: 1498

COMMENT Essex Bridleways Association (Susan Dobson)


Great Tey: we note that there is an existing public right of way adjacent to the site and request that this is upgraded to bridleway status to enable its use by more user groups.

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Representation ID: 268

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


6.163 Whoever wrote this has not been to Great Tey. From the A120 there is a dip into the Roman River valley and then a continuous climb up Brook Road and Chappel Road before the road falls steeply into Chappel. The land around the village includes a valley that follows the Roman River from its source.

The Old Playing Fields and New Playing Fields which are the villages open spaces should be included in the village boundary if it is to remain designated as a Sustainable Settlement (which it does not qualify for under the 4.20 criteria)

More details about Rep ID: 268

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