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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Great Horkesley

Representation ID: 1775

OBJECT Sara Beckman


I strongly object because:
1. Primary school on coach road is oversubscribed
2. The main road to the station is beyond capacity and hats with the new Chesterwell development it even complete.
3. The trains to London are stretched as it is
4. The traffic around north station is unsustainable
5. Great Horkesley should remain a rural village
6. Crime has increased in recent years and further expansion will increase it further
7. Plans for a new secondary school are on hold/cancelled

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Representation ID: 1719

OBJECT Mr Brian Drury


Sufficient additional housing is alreading being built at the Chesterwell site and the future proposed development on the Severalls Hospital site will add further housing. Why not leave Great Horkesley out of any future requirement for development. I want to live in a Rural village not an Urban extention of Colchester.

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Representation ID: 1323

OBJECT Mr David Stovell


The village infrastructure is at capacity and even with the proposed improvements, it will not be able to cope with the increased traffic volumes that will inevitably arise as a result of this and other local developments.

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Representation ID: 1262

OBJECT Mrs Hilary Stehle


I have issues with the need for housing versus farming when we are outside of Europe

The A134 is dangerous and only serious redevelopment along its entire length through this village would make it safe.

If the houses are built, then we need a second shop at the heart of the village.

The Scouts, Guides and other Youth Groups should be gifted the Old Hall and site for proper redevelopment.

Medical services, emergency services, and traffic congestion are more needy causes than housing.

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Representation ID: 552

COMMENT Mrs Amanda Georgeson


The biggest issue being the A134 traffic volume and speeds with dangerous driving being witnessed on a daily basis.
There is a serious lack of capacity to serve the village as it stands, with traffic often gridlocked in the morning to get to the station. Let alone with the impact of Chesterwell yet to be felt.

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