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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Dedham and Dedham Heath

Representation ID: 3207

OBJECT Dedham Residents Petition and 167 others represented by Dedham Residents Petition (Mr John Reid)


Petition Signed by Dedham residents- proposed two sites within the AONB and one adjacent to it.This is a major concern particularly as there are identifiable potential sites in other parts of the village outside the AONB Pocket.The character of the village and all three hamlets is very much defined by the AONB proposals suggestthat Dedham Heath is more sustainable. The alternative sites originally submitted are all about the same distance from the village centre . Dedham Heath does not have any facilities especially if the issues of flooding from inadequate sewers and poor surface water management are taken into account.

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Representation ID: 1737

OBJECT Mrs Carol Eagle


I believe this land is situated within and/or adjacent to an aonb. These areas should be protected from development as set out in the Village Plan which has been adopted by CBC. There has always been drainage problems in the area (mainly due to clay soil) Sewage waste is at present a problem. After heavy rain raw sewerage spews from a manhole in Bargate Lane which is a health issue. Further development will only aggravate these issues. Dedham needs some smaller low cost housing in the appropriate situation but guarantees that these remain small would be needed.

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Representation ID: 1225

OBJECT Mrs Silvana Richardson


The three site's currently proposed should be rejected for the following reasons. I. AONB should be conserved. 2. ENV4 policy has been totally disregarded, which will set a president for the future,and destroy the natural setting of LRE into a urban sprawl. 3. Sewers, Surface Water. It would be irresponsible to ignore this problem, as it not only effected my self but others, after being flooded countless times from the site 213. Living in a listed building I have photos to prove how serious the problem is. Sewers can't cope with the existing problems. 'advertise again for new sites

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Representation ID: 859

OBJECT Mrs Jo Hole


CBC has failed to
1. adequately apply the guidance set out in s115 and 116 of the NPPF; and
2. give adequate consideration to alternative sites within Dedham (not ANOB).

CBC has not had adequate regard to the High Court's 2016 interpretation of government policy set out in s49 of the NPPF. This does not confine the concept of "policies for the supply of housing" merely to policies in the Plan that provide for the delivery of new housing but recognises the concept extends to policies which restrict the locations where new housing may be developed, including policies to conserve ANOB

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Representation ID: 184

COMMENT Mr & Mrs M&k Spencer


recommends 3 Alternative areas-

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