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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Copford and Copford Green

Representation ID: 1944

OBJECT Mrs A Stubbins


I object to the Hall Road development for the following reasons:
1. The area is currently a greenfield site, it is agricultural land with environmental stewardship on it. The area is used for recreation and improves wellbeing.
2. If considering Copford alone, this site represents a 25% growth excluding protected copford green - the greatest growth of any village in the plan.
3. It does not represent an infill site.
4. There are less environmentally damaging alternatives.
5. The access is inadequate and possibly dangerous.
6. There are no services in the village such as doctors, shops, enough schools. This is not sustainable.

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Representation ID: 1761

COMMENT Mr Nigel Sagar


Proposed 70 homes Queensbury Avenue
This proposal has merit. There is space and the benefit of a road through the existing development, leading to the proposed area. I raise cautionary notes. There should be sole access through Westbury avenue, with no further connection to London Road, to avoid this becoming a short cut or "rat run" at busy times, with the associated danger to residents. The continuation of the road into the new site needs to take account of numerous driveway culdesacs and areas with children. Speed should be restricted through planning of the shape and direction of connecting roads

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Representation ID: 1608

OBJECT mr michael stawicki


1. Road inadequite too small
2. Conservation Area /Roman river Valley area of outstanding beauty
3. Back land developement
4. Prime farm land
5. plenty Brown field alternatives

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Representation ID: 1477

OBJECT Ms Susanna Harrison represented by Fenn Wright (Mr Roger Hayward)


Clarification of AWA position in relation to Land at Hall Road Copford

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Representation ID: 1097

OBJECT Ruth Copperwaite


I object in part to this plan:

Too many new dwellings are being proposed for the village.
Hall Road is not a good site when other brownfield sites might be possible.
Plan does not seem to take a strategic view of the building programmes adjacent to the village or the fact that Marks Tey station has no more capacity for extra commuters.

The East Queensberry site is perhaps viable for small-scale development provided no construction traffic gains access via Queensberry Avenue, which would inconvenience and endanger existing residents there. It should also have its own children's play area.

Please see attached document for more explanation.

More details about Rep ID: 1097

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