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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS4: Chappel Housing Sites

Representation ID: 2979

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


Paragraph 6.123: we welcome the reference to water infrastructure capacity constraints within this section and within Policy SS4.
For information, there is a fluvial flow path from an ordinary water course flowing to Colne adjacent to proposed residential area at grid ref TL8947628069. There is also a potential constraint of a culvert near the development.

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Representation ID: 2785

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development on the scale proposed here is unlikely to have a severe impact on the Strategic Road Network.

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Representation ID: 2773

OBJECT The Johnson Dennehy Planning Partnership (Peter Johnson)


The alternative site offers a logical extension to the main area of Wakes Colne and provides a number of possible public benefits (recreational uses proposed in conjunction with the Parish Council) in a good sustainable location readily accessible to all transportation links and village facilities. The SLAA gives equal credibility to the site in Bures Road (058b) as it does to the preferred site.

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Representation ID: 2771

OBJECT The Johnson Dennehy Planning Partnership (Peter Johnson)


There are no public benefits attributed to this housing allocation and there is also the need to provide a new suitable pedestrian access. There will be visual intrusion and imposition of protecting the setting of nearby listed buildings.
An alternative allocation is promoted.

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Representation ID: 2664

SUPPORT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


SS4: Chappel & Wakes Colne

We welcome the identification of the proximity of grade II Hill House, Martyn's Croft and Brook Hall to the proposed allocation. We welcome reference in the policy to good design and landscaping.

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Representation ID: 2605

COMMENT Chappel Parish Council (Mrs Cook)


Swan Grove has for many years had an issue with parking.
Due to the parking issues in Swan Grove the Parish Council is concerned about traffic flow if the development is only accessed in and out using Swan Grove.
We would ask that you liaise with Chappel Primary School regarding their need for development/expansion with regards to the extra pressures of spaces.
Cllrs discussed the need for smaller housing units.
Please can we also ask that your document is amended in relation to water supply (para 6.123).

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Representation ID: 2604

SUPPORT Chappel Parish Council (Mrs Cook)


Cllrs support the proposed option in Chappel however would like the following points considered when taking this option further:

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Representation ID: 2338

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Developments totalling 30 dwellings during the Plan period would generate up to 9 primary aged pupils and up to 6 secondary aged pupils. At primary level Chappel CE VC Primary School, which serves this area, could accommodate this level of growth. Cumulative impact of village growth could result in need for secondary school capacity expansion.
Early Years and Childcare Comments -
There is existing capacity in current facilities and growth can be accommodated.

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Representation ID: 1999

OBJECT Edward Gittins & Associates (Edward Gittins)


The settlement boundary for Chappel should be amended to include Timberlands Farm, Spring Gardens Road.

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Representation ID: 1839



Part of the site could be used to provide additional parking for residents in Swan Grove.

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Representation ID: 1835



Reference is made to Copford at 6.123 - It is assumed that is an error. For avoidance a main sewer runs across the site and a further one runs down Chappel Hill. The site benefits from a 6 inch water main in Chappel Hill and a 4 inch main in Swan Grove. Both enjoy healthy pressure due to topography. Topography means important rural views are not impacted.

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Representation ID: 1832



Up to 30 houses on half the site is appropriate given modern standards. The other half could be used to provide screening, water attenuation / SuDS, improve the ecology and provide land for expansion of the Cemetery. Consideration could be given to improved parking provision for existing residents.

Development of the site could act as a catalyst for more resources to be directed to the local primary school (i.e. more teachers could be justified so year groups do not have to be amalgamated - smaller class sizes beneficial to children).

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Representation ID: 1827



The existing vehicle site access on Chappel Hill (opposite Hill Farm Bungalow) should be maintained and linked into the southern end of Swan Grove to facilitate through traffic. This would benefit Swan Grove residents, helping alleviate some current congestion and parking problems.

The existing access point permits a more than adequate, 2 way, 2.4x90 visibility splay. The Parish Council have applied for a 30mph zone between those on Chappel Hill & Swan Street. The <0.5 mile section includes 2 highway junctions and several sub-standard access points. The application, made for unrelated reasons, if successful enhances the site's splay standard.

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Representation ID: 1083

OBJECT Miss Alexandra Woolmore


My comments relate to the scale of the development (which I consider too high) and its potential impact on local infrastructure such as the primary school and access/parking along Swan Grove. I am also concerned about the ability to provide safe pedestrian routes into the village and to the station.

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Representation ID: 267

COMMENT Mr Simon Hall


There should be express reference to improving the road into Chappel from Great Tey. Its narrowness does not permit two way traffic and increased density of housing will add to the existing issues

More details about Rep ID: 267

Representation ID: 189

SUPPORT Cllr Peter Chillingworth


As ward councillor for the area, I fully support the proposal. There is a need for some new housing in the village to help retain facilities. The site in my view is suitable as an extension to the Swan Grove development. I suggest a small parking area is included for residents of Swan Grove where parking space is very limited. Also that affordable houses are included with some 2-bed open market houses.

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Representation ID: 73

OBJECT Miss Clare Rowland


1) Major parking issues in Swan Grove will be compounded by the proposed single access. Already only 6 spaces per 8 houses so cul-de-sac used for parking all the time. This should be discussed and solutions presented to the residents.
2)Development is proposing nearly 50% increase on existing 68 dwellings in Chappel - a huge impact on noise levels in the area. Extreme disruption to existing residents, particularly with proposed single access.
3)Local services hugely affected and access to village not suitable for pedestrians at the moment let alone with 30 additional dwellings.

More details about Rep ID: 73

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