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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS3: Boxted Housing Sites

Representation ID: 3243

OBJECT Mr. Thomas Bates represented by Andrew Martin Planning (Mr Andrew Martin)


Object to the requirement that scheme at Hill Farm should deliver a total of 7 affordable units, 5 of which will need to be provided for local people. Reference to the number of affordable units to be provided on the site should be removed from this policy and instead be determined by the Neighbourhood Plan and local plan policy for affordable housing provision and appropriate mix of housing. The number of affordable units delivered on this site must comply with policy H4 of the Adopted Plan and in due course with the new policy DM8 in the new Local Plan.

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Representation ID: 3194

OBJECT Peter and Jane Miller


I would like to record that I am still against Hill farm and Carter's hill site being included for housing in the local plan, as this I believe is not what was voted for.

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Representation ID: 2977

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


Boxted is served by Langham Water Recycling Centre (WRC). The WRC is over capacity by a figure equivalent to roughly 133 houses. This must not be exacerbated by further connections. Either upgrades need to be undertaken by Anglian Water and a new permit applied for, or sufficient capacity needs to be created by reducing infiltration into the system. Development must not occur until it has been demonstrated that there is adequate wastewater treatment and sewerage infrastructure capacity in the catchment.

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Representation ID: 2784

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development on the scale proposed here is unlikely to have a severe impact on the Strategic Road Network.

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Representation ID: 2663

COMMENT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


SS3: Boxted

As noted in the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan, grade II Hill House and a separately listed grade II wall are immediately north of this allocation and any proposals for this site should take account of the setting of these heritage assets.

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Representation ID: 2337

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Developments totalling 36 dwellings during the Plan period would generate up to 11 primary aged pupils and up to 7 secondary aged pupils. At primary level Boxted VA CE Primary School, which serves this area, could accommodate this level of growth. Cumulative impact of village growth could result in requirement for further secondary capacity
Early Years and Childcare Comments -
There is existing capacity in current facilities and growth can be accommodated.

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Representation ID: 1983

OBJECT Lisa Scott


I vehemently oppose a housing development on the Hill Farm site in Boxted and concur with the Inspectorate of Planning that the "...site is poorly related to a number of key day-to-day facilities and principal employment areas. As such its location would conflict with the overarching sustainability objective in the Borough..." The school is already oversubscribed. There is no post office/doctors/shop /employment within walking or cycling distance.
I wish the land to remain for employment purposes and any future development to be that of small studio units.

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Representation ID: 1910

SUPPORT Boxted Parish Council (Mrs Denise Humphris)


Members reviewed the proposals for Boxted and were pleased to note that CBC proposals were sympathetic to all matters considered within Boxted Neighbourhood Plan document and RESOLVED to comment as such and thanking Colchester Borough Council for their help and assistance and sympathetic consideration of all issues relevant to Boxted.

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Representation ID: 1564

OBJECT Mrs Susan Matthews


I am very concerned that there has been no public consultation on the amended Boxted Neighbourhood Plan, particularly because the number of proposed properties is now unspecified and your Policy SG7 expects the plan to require more growth than the Local Plan.
We have a very poor bus service which is not guaranteed to continue. Cycling is dangerous on the 3 mile Straight Road and there is no footpath after Mill Road. (2.26)
At present, new families are unable to enrol their children into Boxted School. (2.27)
We have no medical facilities, shop, pub or post office. (2.27)

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Representation ID: 1068

OBJECT Mrs Gill Dedhar


Boxted Cross is not sustainable for development, neither is Mill Road in Boxted, since neither area has adequate facilities to support the current population. If Mill Road is not suitable for development, then neither is Boxted Cross. Increases in traffic through and into the village are detrimental to the character of the village. Public transport is inadequate.

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