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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Boxted

Representation ID: 2139

OBJECT Mrs Amanda Clowe


Insufficient infrastructure for the planned number of houses. Road system incapable of coping with increased traffic. No amenities apart from very basic part-time shop. No medical facilities and bus route not guaranteed beyond year end. No sufficient mobile reception in village. School already full and existing villagers children turned away. An estate development is not suitable for Hill Farm area of Boxted Cross as this is a rural location and should remain so. Rural-style work units of the type at Langham Barns should be put to replace employment area that was removed. The NDP is fundamentally flawed - see below

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Representation ID: 1979

OBJECT Lisa Scott


I vehemently oppose a housing development on the Hill Farm site in Boxted and concur with the Inspectorate of Planning that the "...site is poorly related to a number of key day-to-day facilities and principal employment areas. As such its location would conflict with the overarching sustainability objective in the Borough..." The school is already oversubscribed. There is no post office/doctors/shop /employment within walking or cycling distance.
I wish the land to remain for employment purposes and any future development to be that of small studio units.

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