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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites

Representation ID: 3117

OBJECT Ms Emma Bartlett


Objects to 30 new houses in Abberton. Building more houses will bring more traffic to the area, more cars and parking, extra people to add to already full to bursting doctors surgery and school. There are already problems with speeding traffic on Layer and Peldon Road.

More details about Rep ID: 3117

Representation ID: 2780

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development on the scale proposed here is unlikely to have a severe impact on the Strategic Road Network.

More details about Rep ID: 2780

Representation ID: 2714

COMMENT RSPB (Mark Nowers)


It should be acknowledged that these sites will require screening under the Habitats Regulations 2010 (as amended) due to proximity to the Abberton Reservoir SPA and Ramsar site, and that, if required, mitigation for in-combination impacts could be provided through developer contributions to a strategic mitigation scheme (see our comments on SG8).

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Representation ID: 2661

SUPPORT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe

We welcome the identification of the proximity of grade II Pete Tye Hill to the proposed allocation. We welcome reference in the policy to archaeological considerations as well as design and landscaping in respect of Pete Tye Hill.

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Representation ID: 2536



One word needed DEVASTATED, far to much traffic in Lane now far to much traffic in Peldon Road. I could go on like no shops, doctors, one could go on for our small village. But money speaks for some people

More details about Rep ID: 2536

Representation ID: 2473

OBJECT Mr Ken Joslin


The case for more residential building on greenbelt village land is weak due to large volumes of building around Colchester.

Access to this site is only possible along a privately-owned drive (already used by Ashpark House) , or via privately owned Glebe Lane - neither route is suitable or safe. Access for emergency vehicles would be a serious issue.

Inadequate facilities ( health and education) in Abberton & Langenhoe. There is a Post Office.

Leave some villages development free- massive development around Colchester must surely be adequate for the required local expansion plans!

More details about Rep ID: 2473

Representation ID: 2368

OBJECT Mr Terry James


The proposed new housing in Abberton would be a disaster for the local wildlife, badgers, nightingales and deer. Another very important reason would be major problems with the extra traffic which the roads in the village can not cope with.
Also there is a lack of capacity at the shop, doctor's surgery and the school.

More details about Rep ID: 2368

Representation ID: 2335

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


paragraph 100- replace'footpaths' with 'footways'.
Need to refer to the visibility issue at the Peldon Road/Layer Road junction.

Need for up to 9 primary aged pupils and up to 6 secondary aged pupils. At primary level Langenhoe Primary School, which serves this area, is operating at capacity and would need expansion . (See also policy SS14 - Rowhedge). Cumulative impact of village growth could result in requirement for further secondary capacity
Langenhoe sits within the Pyefleet ward which has a current shortage of childcare places across the age range. Demand could be met by expansion of local settings.

More details about Rep ID: 2335

Representation ID: 2322

OBJECT Samantha and Stuart Hall and 1 other


The proposed development will increase traffic levels and accident risk.
result he loss of agricultural land, impact negatively on wildlife locally.

Existing facilities do not have capacity to support 120 new residents - the school is small and there is no GP, pub or local shop.

There are 1000's of new build in progress therefore this new housing is not required .

More details about Rep ID: 2322

Representation ID: 2314



Objection to the proposed allocation of Pantiles Farm, Captains Field and Glebe Lane in Abberton and Langenhoe

1) Bats and Nightingales in Glebe Lane
2) No infrastructure to support more families
3) Other brown belt site of the Langenhoe Lion is available but not yet built on
4) The peace and quiet of the village disturbed.
5) More suitable sites are available elsewhere in the Borough of Colchester

More details about Rep ID: 2314

Representation ID: 2037

OBJECT Mrs Ashleigh Herne


1. The infrastructure is not in place as per requirement in Sp4
2. SP5 states that new developments must have the highest standards of build and urban design protect the amenity of existing and future residents and users with regard to noise, vibration, smell, loss of light and overlooking. The proposal does not meet these requirements.
3. Each emerging plan for Colchester, surrounding villages, Braintree and chelmsford is being considered in isolation. There will be a massive impact on traffic, roads and safety which has not been considered holistically
4. There are a number of environmental issues which have not been considered

More details about Rep ID: 2037

Representation ID: 2036

OBJECT Mr Gregory Herne


1. The infrastructure is not in place as per requirement in Sp4
2. SP5 states that new developments must have the highest standards of build and urban design protect the amenity of existing and future residents and users with regard to noise, vibration, smell, loss of light and overlooking. The proposal does not meet these requirements.
3. Each emerging plan is being considered in isolation. There will be a massive impact on traffic, roads and safety which has not been considered holistically
4. There are a number of environmental issues which have not been considered

More details about Rep ID: 2036

Representation ID: 1894

OBJECT Mrs Rosemary Turrell


Important wildlife needs to be protected. The roads are very poor in Layer Road most of it has no pavement, and is very narrow and is extremely dangerous for walkers, and with more housing more traffic will be pushed onto it. We have little infrastructure support for doctors, dentist, post office, shop or pub.

More details about Rep ID: 1894

Representation ID: 1821

OBJECT Mr Keith Turrell


The infrastructure to support this plan has not been thoroughly considered. The green impact on the wildlife has not been studied. The local infrastructure would be impacted upon by the requirement for more vehicles accessing neighbouring roads, limited access to doctors surgeries, dentists and no shops.

More details about Rep ID: 1821

Representation ID: 1645

OBJECT Mr Ken Joslin


Access to meadow is not feasible. Glebe Lane is privately owned, too narrow for two-way vehicle traffic. Access to the meadow is via Ashpark, through a privately owned drive which is narrow, and which would present similar problems as Glebe Lane. The present access onto Peldon Road is already difficult, with poor visibility.

Meadow supports abundant wildlife including breeding Nightingales - breeding sites are 'listed'.
Traffic levels which are increasing locally would be compounded with the proposed building in Abberton and Mersea.
Support to protect green spaces between Colchester and Abberton - retain village identities & protect the countryside

More details about Rep ID: 1645

Representation ID: 1569

OBJECT Mrs Sarah Andrews


Too much traffic on an already busy road
No one sticks to speed limit.
Llmited broadband
School too full.
Need speed bumps on layer Rd before a child gets killed.
This will remove village life, make it too busy.
Moved rural to have rural location, not more houses!

More details about Rep ID: 1569

Representation ID: 1521

SUPPORT ADP (Brian Morgan)


The Mersea Homes proposal for 50 new homes over the next 15 years is growth proportionate to the size of the existing settlement.

Starter homes and affordable rent houses with a local letting policy will enable local young people to stay in the village. This will help to support a balanced and active community and its facilities.

The scheme will slow down traffic entering the village and can help school parking.

The scheme will be visually contained within existing mature trees and hedges and have direct access to the Village Hall, allotments and the nearby Langenhoe Community Primary School.

More details about Rep ID: 1521

Representation ID: 1400

SUPPORT Allied Care Ltd represented by Matrix Planning Ltd (Gordon Smith)


A full report is submitted separately. As a summary:
1. Inclusion of the site is supported
2. The site boundary for RSE11 should be enlarged to include land to the side (north of Ashpark House).
3. Access will be from both Peldon Road and Glebe Lane
4. Given its central location in the village, and potential for extension to site, anticipated capacity should be increased to allow up to 10 houses (density will still only be 16 dph)

More details about Rep ID: 1400

Representation ID: 1326

OBJECT MR Graham Gilman


The wildlife in this area will be devastated ie. nightingales,adders,deer,hedgehogs,bats and newts.
Gardens in Peldon Road flood in winter, this development would exacerbate this situation due to poor drainage and clay soil.
Access in and out of these sites would be difficult due to the speed of traffic and limited visability.
Village facilities no longer exist with no shops,no pub and waiting lists for doctors.
These areas were outside of the village envelope, what is the point of having an envelope for sustainable development when it can just be altered at the bequest of a developer?

More details about Rep ID: 1326

Representation ID: 1179

OBJECT Ms Louise Corti


Ashpark House:

There is already a huge amount of development in Colchester area that little green land will soon be left.

We purposefully moved to Abberton to be in tranquil village location. Any development, so close to our house, would severely impact on our lives and well-being.

Privately owned Glebe Lane is unsuitable for increased traffic coming this route. The mature trees, hedgerow host many native species - breeding nightingales and adders which will be impacted by development.

Abberton & Langenhoe have no facilities within safe walking distance and the school and nearest GP surgery are already over-subscribed.

More details about Rep ID: 1179

Representation ID: 1168

OBJECT Dr Robert Lenart


re : Ashpark site

Glebe Lane is narrow with ditches either side, passing oncoming vehicles is difficult. .
There will be significant impact on wildlife, most notably nesting nightingales.

Re: all three proposed sites:

Tranquility will be disturbed as will the very nature of this village. This is not what the residents want.
The local primary school & GP surgery have very limited capacity to expand.
With significant housing development north of Colchester, building on green belt land to the south is totally unnecessary.

More details about Rep ID: 1168

Representation ID: 1139

COMMENT Mr Louis Pace


"Glebe Lane appears to be private and concerns regarding its junction with Peldon Road and the Peldon Road/Layer Road junction will need to be addressed." - Yes this is a private lane! Should access be needed for the Ashpark House site, this single track lane with ditches either side would have significant problems in respect of safety, visibility, traffic flow and access. Responsibility for maintenance and damage to the lane and its hedges and ditches would also be a significant issue given the private ownership, and current covenants.

More details about Rep ID: 1139

Representation ID: 1122

OBJECT mrs Linda Joslin


Every year the Nightingales come to the opposite side of the field, in Glebe Lane. We have seen both Fallow and Muntjac deer, foxes with young, hares, rabbits, hedgehogs, grass snakes, pheasants and many more animals, butterflies and insects etc. The traffic has increased enormously. Both entrances are very narrow Ashpark ,Glebe Lane is a single track

More details about Rep ID: 1122

Representation ID: 858

OBJECT Mr David Grover


No facilities, inadequate roads and paths.
overcrowded school.
Most of us moved to the village for a quite village life to enjoy the greenery, less noise and light pollution and the right to enjoy our later years in peace.

More details about Rep ID: 858

Representation ID: 857

OBJECT Miss Francine Gilman


I object on the grounds of the impact on wildlife, pressure on infrastructure and expansion has been seen elsewhere making this planning application redundant and pointless. Above all, it would ruin Abberton and the peaceful place that it is.

More details about Rep ID: 857

Representation ID: 854

SUPPORT Mrs Sarah de Courcy-Bower


I should like to support the construction of starter homes in Peldon Road. The young people in our area face huge problems; the high demand for housing and lack of supply has pushed up house prices to a point where they are being forced out of the village. We need sensible family homes that will bring new life to our village and children within walking distance of our local school.

More details about Rep ID: 854

Representation ID: 849



In a recent interview (published 28 August) Theresa May was asked "were would she like to live?" She answered "I love living where I do, in a beautiful Berkshire Village". Her answer to "What makes you depressed" was "Not getting things done, and seeing peoples lives hurt by government bureaucracy".

What more can be said now that the Prime Minister backs the Object campaign.

More details about Rep ID: 849

Representation ID: 848



1. Colchester has already committed to build enough houses in appropriate places.
2. Most properties in Peldon Road have a limited view when driving onto the main road, so more traffic more chance of an accident.
3. We have Newts
4. We have Adders
5. Its a Nightingale breeding area
6. One of the reasons we moved out of time was that my dad suffered breathing problems due to traffic fumes

More details about Rep ID: 848

Representation ID: 846



There is enough land around Colchester for houses to be built without destroying and trees and disturbing the wildlife. I live on Peldon Road and understand that one of the proposed developments will be behind my home. In the few months I have lived here I have installed bird feeders/baths which are used every day and my pond has been home to a small number of Newts. I am also in the process of creating a home for blind/disabled hedgehogs and I am worried that I will lose all of this if the development is allowed to proceed

More details about Rep ID: 846

Representation ID: 696

OBJECT Mrs Linda Borthwick


The village school is already oversubscribed, there is no doctors available to sign on to, we have already seen a huge increase in traffic over the last few years. Lets leave this land as it is...

More details about Rep ID: 696

Representation ID: 558

OBJECT mrs Annie Saville


why 30 new houses to a village which has No Doctors surgery, Shop, not enough pavements zebra crossings and you want to increase the traffic putting the children at risk for getting them to walk or just drive harming the environment let alone the impact the ASHPARK development would have on the rare wildlife hedgehogs birds and bats which would be decimated by the greedy land owners that see the colour of money over morality and the impact on nature housing and bringing life to the village is important for sustainability via responsibility ASHPARK No Thanks

More details about Rep ID: 558

Representation ID: 557

OBJECT mrs Annie Saville


as a disabled partially sighted resident ashpark proposal concerns me on the following points
increased traffic concealed entrances poor footpaths or no foot paths , no local easy to reach shop , Pub, or doctors surgery and no plans for them just more children this is just terrible as the plan would increase the risk of a serious accident the impact on the breeding nightingales could be catastrophic as this is a very important site in the uk a rethink of ashpark site needs to be done as the long term ramifications could be far reaching and non-returnable

More details about Rep ID: 557

Representation ID: 555

OBJECT Mrs Sharon Saville


Housing is an important issue and so is the environmental concern for this proposed site which needs to be reallocated to preserve the native inhabitants adders, newts and bats woodpeckers ,owls , deer monk jack to name but a few and we have great nature which would be lost with 5 houses squeezed in this small space why not reallocate in a more suitable location which has good access no risk to causing accidents due to the concealed entrance new Houses yes but not at the detriment to our endangered wildlife

More details about Rep ID: 555

Representation ID: 503

OBJECT Mrs Keeley mason


I strongly object to the proposed site for 5 houses next to Glebe Lane for the following reasons :

Glebe Lane is a private single track Lane and is not built to carry more traffic.
The impact on the wildlife will be detrimental to the environment, nightingales, deers
The villages can offer no facilities as we have no doctors, shops, pub.
finally it will impact my view as my property is facing this field and I wouldn't have moved to this property if I wanted to be overlooked.

More details about Rep ID: 503

Representation ID: 501

OBJECT Mr Gerard Mason


I strongly object to the proposed 5 new houses next to Glebe Lane. We bought our property 18 months ago as we were attracted by the quiet area and the fantastic views. I do not want to lose the very advantages that we moved to our current home for. The access lane is just not built for additional traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 501

Representation ID: 454

SUPPORT Christopher de Courcy-Bower


The population of Abberton is aging. The lack of local children attending the school means that pupils are driven to Abberton causing major local traffic problems. We need homes for young families and a 106 fund that will pay for a drop-off car park at the school. The land behind Ashpark is unsuitable because it is an ecological oasis and there is no access to it from Peldon Road. However, the land to the South could be extended Southwards at little additional impact to provide 50 much needed starter homes for young families.

More details about Rep ID: 454

Representation ID: 418

OBJECT Dr Derek Saville


Wildlife is Supposed to be important yet this proposed site endangers the indigenous Newts , Bats , and Adders living in the proposed site
the head ranger from the wildlife ctr in Fingringhoe has stated this site is the second largest site for nesting Nightingales in the country
with barn owls and wood peckers that regularly visit our garden all this would be at risk if this site is sanctioned alternatives must be found
from a road safety view both roads are a threat to safety as the entrances are concealed

More details about Rep ID: 418

Representation ID: 417

OBJECT Sue Bowles


Ditched mature hedges run either side of Peldon Road towards and bordering the proposed sites. The number and ages of species in their historic agricultural context suggest that these hedgerows date from the enclosures of the mid-19th century.Pavements, road re-alignments and destruction for access and splays will fragment these wildlife corridors connecting Peldon Common to Friday Woods.
Listed Pete Tye House has development on all boundaries except to the south. This development would isolate this late Jacobian property in a sea of suburbia, disconnected it for ever from its rural historic context. Natural and historic environments.
must surely be conserved.

More details about Rep ID: 417

Representation ID: 403

OBJECT Mr Doug Borthwick


The meeting last night ( 22/8 ) showed that this proposal was NOT sustainable - the school is already oversubscribed, there is no doctors to sign on to, there is no pub and no shop. Please do NOT look to increase the number of houses and hence increase the problem. There is also an issue with traffic at the moment - more cars would simply compound the problem

More details about Rep ID: 403

Representation ID: 397

OBJECT Mr Graeme Bowles


Objection: Peldon Road "New Allocation".
* Peldon Road rural character not wide for pavements.
* Needs two visibility-splays and removal of hedging and realignment.
* Parish Council mentions "small car park" east side for Langenhoe School. Another entrance/exit and street lighting. It would attract non-school use and litter.
* This would all have a negative impact on the character of the landscape and on setting of the nearby listed building.
* Village currently not sustainable settlement. More houses mean more traffic.
Junction of Peldon Road to Layer Road is dangerous with inadequate visibility and no footpath to the west.

More details about Rep ID: 397

Representation ID: 220



As an international journalist much of my time is spent traveling, and so many people I meet, especially those in the Middle and Far East are fascinated when I explain what it's like living in Colchester. A castle in the town, an island and beaches close by and the countryside at the bottom of my garden. I agree Colchester needs home's but not at the expense of the countryside, especially when there are many sites close to the A12 which are better suited for development. Please do not allow my little piece of England to be destroyed.

More details about Rep ID: 220

Representation ID: 212



I understand that houses need to be built and in certain circumstances villages will have to accept growth. However the proposals to build on the 'land at Peldon Road & Ashpark House' will have a detrimental impact on the adjacent properties, without having any real impact on the housing needs of the area. Simply taking small plots of land in rural areas and building a handful of properties will not aid the housing situation. It will simply take away the views and peaceful enjoyment we currently have. Estates with easy access to the Station & A12 are the way forward.

More details about Rep ID: 212

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