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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - WC4: West Colchester, 6.92 Alternative Option

Representation ID: 1250

COMMENT Mr Richard Cromack


I would like to put forward two sites to the North of St Albans Road in Colchester, for inclusion within the Local Plan Review.

I attach a copy of my letter of the 11th July 2014 together with a plan showing the sites, edged red. I also understand that one of the sites edged green on the attached plan, has been submitted as a site.

More details about Rep ID: 1250

Representation ID: 1124

OBJECT Mrs Marguerite Haddrell represented by Mrs Marguerite Haddrell


A sustainable site was put forward in the call for sites process and was acknowledged and given a number.The Council however have failed to state why it has not been included in their preferred options.The site meets all the local plan criteria and has previously been recommended for planning permission for residential use. Please see attached document

More details about Rep ID: 1124

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