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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - WC2: Stanway

Representation ID: 3224

OBJECT R F West Ltd represented by Andrew Martin Planning (Mr Andrew Martin)


Following a change made to the Plan prior to its consideration by the Local Plan Committee on 5 July 2016, paragraph 6.75 relating to land between London Road and the A12 to the west of Stanway was withdrawn. We submit that given the importance of this site within the settlement hierarchy and in view of the limited
supply of available sites for development, the relevant paragraph should be reinstated to give clarity and certainty to the plan as required by national planning policy. Reference to the representation site has been removed from the policy and should be reinstated.

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Representation ID: 3087

OBJECT Terence O'Rourke Ltd (Alex Chapman)


O&H proposed a redistribution of employment and housing uses across sites at Lakelands to ensure delivery and wider place-making benefits. NE1 and land to the west of Lakelands - suitable to provide 51 homes and 4.84 employment. Land south of church lane for 65 homes and over 1.47ha public open space/recreation. Land south of Lakelands Phase 1 location for 27 homes. NE2 (nw corner of Lakelands) for 65 new dwellings.

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Representation ID: 2930

OBJECT Mr John Spademan


- Land between Church Lane, Churchfields & Partridge Way to remain as open space.
- Land at Fiveways Fruit Farm must include an arterial road to ensure lorry movements can be access only.
- Swan Green designated open space.
- Land west of Lakelands should revert back to being part of WC1.
- More consideration should be given to width of roads & upgrades..
- Would a new surgery be built to cope with new development?
- What are the intentions to reduce noise & pollution?
- Wyvern Farm should be showed correctly on maps.
- Nature conservation corridor.

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Representation ID: 2852

COMMENT Colchester Natural History Society (Mr Peter Hewitt)


In respect of land at Chitts Hill, the criteria referring to open space/GI is welcomed, is essential and must be effective. Key areas of this small sensitive reserve must be protected from inappropriate/ inconsiderate access.

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Representation ID: 2607

COMMENT Pleydell Smithyman Limited (Richard Duncan)


Policy WC2: Stanway - Five Ways Fruit Farm
With regards to any housing or other development under WC2 - Stanway - Five Ways Fruit Farm, there requires to be policy acknowledgment of existing mineral extraction and the extant planning permission granted for mineral extraction at Five Ways Fruit Farm (permission March 2015 ref ESS/23/14/COL). Any housing scheme proposed should be sympathetic to the mineral scheme and not cause any overlap or conflict of uses, and be designed in accordance with the principles of mineral safeguarding and environmental assessments.

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Representation ID: 2587

OBJECT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


Land at 296 London Road has the ability to come forward as part of the wider proposed allocation on 'land between London Road and the A12 Stanway', which is identified in the housing trajectory for the development of 500 dwellings.

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Representation ID: 2514

COMMENT Mr. Graham Barney


There will be a continued and sustained impact on infrastructure and facilities.
Rural separation between Stanway and Copford will still be maintained which is to be welcomed.
CBC have indicated there will be a strategic master plan for Stanway which will give more details, but this presumably is part of a later consultation phase.

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Representation ID: 2439

OBJECT Hopkins Homes represented by Pegasus Group (Nicky Parsons)


My client is concerned to note that infrastructure requirements are (in part) to be identified by the Parish Council. It is acknowledged that the Parish Council will have a clear understanding of the local area but it is not an infrastructure provider and therefore cannot fully understand the infrastructure needs of the area. The Parish Council should be involved in the preparation of the IDP and therefore will not be required as an additional source of information. Suggest deleting reference to the Parish Council in the first paragraph.

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Representation ID: 2329

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Developments totalling 778 dwellings would generate up to 233 primary and up to 156 secondary aged pupils. Stanway Primary and Stanway Fiveways Primary Schools already expanding to meet demand. A site for a new 1 form of entry primary school on the Lakelands development an option for further capacity.
The Stanway School and The Philip Morant School already expanding to meet demand by 2 forms of entry each. Development of the former Alderman Blaxill School site an option for further capacity. Additional 70 childcare places required creating demand for a new 56 place facility.
Bullet point requiring SuDS recommended.

More details about Rep ID: 2329

Representation ID: 173

OBJECT William Bartram


Objection to proposed development along London Road, Copford on the grounds of increased congestion at the north end of London Road and increased flood risk along the path of Roman River

More details about Rep ID: 173

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