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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - WC1: Stanway Strategic Economic Area, Zone 1

Representation ID: 3126

OBJECT Barton Willmore (Paul Newton)


Object to the identification of land north/south of Tollgate West for B Class use. There is a substantial oversupply of employment land and the site is appropriate for release.
There is no justification set out in the Plan or evidence base for the allocation. Higher rated sites have available / undeveloped land of circa 51ha, more than sufficient to meet the needs under Scenarios 1 and 4 of the 2015 ELNA.
The Policy does not allow for flexibility against NPPF paragraph 22. The restriction of Main Town Centre Uses (which includes offices), is at odds with itself.

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Representation ID: 2650

OBJECT Tollgate Partnership Limited represented by Strutt & Parker (James Firth)


Stanway Strategic Economic Area Zone 1 now excludes the site 'Land at Trafalgar Farm' despite surrounding sites still being included in the Zone. Justification in the plan appears to be 'no likelihood of delivery' and use continues to be farm related. The site is no longer in agricultural use and therefore remains a strong likelihood that it will come forward in the plan period. Given number buildings on site, extent of existing development and strategic location in close proximity to designated employment areas, it's considered that an allocation for employment use remains most appropriate and realistic use over Plan Period.

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Representation ID: 1695

COMMENT Ms Stefanie Tan


Complement industrial and office space with community development spaces for leisure to integrate populations in new build with long standing locals.

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Representation ID: 1129

COMMENT Mr Derek Trevor Ireland


I require following comments registered as objections where proposals are counter to them.
Swan Green be designated as open space.
The old Sainsbury's site designated for village shops and leisure facilities or Park and Ride facilities.
No development at Fiveways Fruit Farm without full mitigation of the effect of through traffic upon Stanway up to and including relief roads.
Greater SSE classification in the Roman River Valley, subject to maximum public access.
The Western Relief Road to be subject to 30 MPH speed limit with pedestrian crossings.
NO development acceptable without exclusion of through traffic from existing community of Stanway

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Representation ID: 979

COMMENT Miss Jessica Scott-Boutell


there is a live planning application for part of zone 1 and an appeal logged so unable to comment

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Representation ID: 978

COMMENT mrs lesley scott-boutell


there is a live planning application for part of zone 1 and an appeal lodged so unable to comment

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