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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - Stanway Area Housing/Other Allocations

Representation ID: 2962



answers to questions to letter circulated by a party other than CBC. Response provided in full text.
Other points-

Feel development is just houses and little or nothing else. More infrastructure and employment is needed.

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Representation ID: 2479

COMMENT Mr Nigel Turp


Swan Green should be an green open space, too many areas like this are built on and lost.

The old Sainsbury's site should be a mixture of leisure and business, where by the business being the small shops. We currently have many business parks like Peartree road, Angora Park, Westside that generate traffic issues. We do n0t need any more.

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Representation ID: 1131

COMMENT Mr Derek Trevor Ireland


I require following comments registered as objections where proposals are counter to them.
Swan Green be designated as open space.
The old Sainsbury's site designated for village shops and leisure facilities or Park and Ride facilities.
No development at Fiveways Fruit Farm without full mitigation of the effect of through traffic upon Stanway up to and including relief roads.
Greater SSE classification in the Roman River Valley, subject to maximum public access.
The Western Relief Road to be subject to 30 MPH speed limit with pedestrian crossings.
NO development acceptable without exclusion of through traffic from existing community of Stanway

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