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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - WC1: Stanway Strategic Economic Area

Representation ID: 3223

OBJECT R F West Ltd represented by Andrew Martin Planning (Mr Andrew Martin)


Confirm that land east of Stane Park employment site, and
adjoining the northern boundary of land being developed for housing is not suitable for inclusion within this SEA. We propose that this be relocated to a more sustainable and accessible location within the proposed urban extension to the west of Stanway (see plan at Appendix 1). This will adjoin and be complementary to existing employment and commercial uses and is an equally sustainable location. The proposed mixed use scheme allows for the employment to be properly integrated with proposed housing and permits a residential use on the current

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Representation ID: 3082

OBJECT Indigo Planning (Ms Alison Osborne)


Object to removal of District Centre designation for Stanway. Existing retail facilities should remain at the heart of a Stanway District Centre. Landowner generally agrees with safeguarding mixed use commercial area in Zone 2, but Council must ensure that policy allows sufficient flexibility to allow for existing retail stores to adapt. Impact and sequential tests will be a means of measuring a proposal's likely effect on Colchester town centre, even allowing policy to continue to support further development at the district centres in principle.

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Representation ID: 3040

OBJECT Churchmanor Estates Compnay PLC (Martin Robeson) represented by Martin Robeson Planning Practice (Mr Martin Robeson)


We are concerned at the different treatment being suggested for the three Economic Areas with an apparently more relaxed regime applying to North Colchester and Severalls area compared for instance with that of Stanway.

There appears to be no cogent explanation of how land has been zoned. The approach to zone 1 at North Colchester is radically different to that at Stanway where highly restrictive criteria are applied to non B Class uses, notwithstanding the evidence base identifying the very high quality of the employment land resource at North Colchester.

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Representation ID: 3026

OBJECT Sainsburys (Ms Caroline Huett) represented by Indigo Planning (David Hodgetts)


We object to the council removing the district centre designation from Sainsburys Stanway. We understand the word 'urban' is superfluous and can be deleted but the store should remain a designated district centre.

Notwithstanding this objection, the area is designated as the Stanway Economic Area Zone 2. The current function of zone 2 as a mixed use commercial area will be safeguarded and proposals for development which are considered complementary to existing uses will be supported. The policy must allow flexibility to allow existing retail stores to adapt to changing retail trends.

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Representation ID: 2929

OBJECT Mr John Spademan


-The old Sainsburys site to revert back to being part of the urban district centre.
- Land west of Lakelands should revert back to being part of WC1.
- Western relief road should be designated a local road with a 30mph limit.
- the junction of Warren Lane & Maldon Rd should be upgraded.
- More consideration should be given to width of roads.
- Would a new surgery be built to cope with new development?
- What are the intentions to reduce noise & pollution?
- Wyvern Farm should be showed correctly on maps.
- Nature conservation corridor.

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Representation ID: 2901

SUPPORT GL Hearn Ltd (Mr Jack Brudenell)


Policy WC1 recognises the function of Stanway as providing commercial services for the local area. In line with the Spatial Strategy and the role of Colchester town centre, the policy correctly restricts the expansion of retail and leisure uses. This approach is supported and further recognises that such former Urban District Centres do not reflect the commonly understood definition of what is a centre, in terms of the NPPF.
The policy also seeks to safeguard the Strategic Economic Area's primary function as an employment area. Whilst the policy allows for some enhancement and potential intensification of this (within the area defined as Zone 2), we are encouraged that this will be limited and subject to criteria (in this instance satisfy the sequential and impact tests) which serves to protect the employment area and the town centre.

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Representation ID: 2819

SUPPORT Mr & Mrs Harvey and 1 other


we strongly agree with their proposals for a department store, small shops, leisure facilities for hundreds of new people moving into the new housing estate. Stanway does not need any more industrial or office complexes. It is a very nice village and it needs its own shopping area. to save the very long drive to Colchester Town

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Representation ID: 2657

COMMENT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


WC1: Stanway Strategic Economic Area

We would note that whilst Stanway has an established economic role and has seen much new development, there remain a number of listed buildings in the area whose setting and use should be considered as the area is identified for growth.

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Representation ID: 2328

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Any new development should incorporate SuDS which should include elements that address water quantity as well as biodiversity and amenity. The following additional bullet point should be added to ensure surface water management issues are covered:

* Appropriate SuDS for managing surface water runoff within the overall design and layout of the site

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Representation ID: 2101

OBJECT Valad Europe represented by Indigo Planning (Miss Sarah Pyne)


Valad considers that the existing retail facilities at Stanway should remain at the heart of a Stanway District Centre for the planned growth area of West Colchester and should be designated as such. Valad objects to the proposed removal of the centre designation.

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Representation ID: 1259

OBJECT Tollgate Partnership Limited represented by Barton Willmore (Mr Alistair Ingram)


Zone 1
Object to the identification of land north/south of Tollgate West for B Class use. Higher rated sites have available / undeveloped land of circa 51ha.
Policy does not allow for flexibility against NPPF paragraph 22.

Zone 2
Object to the proposed removal of Tollgate UDC which is not justified nor consistent with the NPPF. No evidence provided as to the 'commonly understood' definition of a District Centre.
Reference to sequential and retail impact assessments not consistent with NPPF.
Land north and south of Tollgate West should be identified for leisure and retail use.

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Representation ID: 1030

OBJECT Mr Phil Coleman


There is further housing expansion proposed for Stanway. This area like the North of Colchester has already taken a substantial amount of housing without major infrastructure expansion. There has to be a point where no further expansion can be tolerated in Stanway given the issues with the existing congestion and slowing access to and from the A12, air/water pollution and inadequate infrastructure prevail already.
There are already issues with school places for local children with little amenities for children.

More details about Rep ID: 1030

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