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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester

Representation ID: 2779

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development in West Colchester could have a severe impact on the A12 and A120. We would wish to see a traffic impact assessment demonstrating the potential impacts of such a proposal. Of particular concern are J25, J26, J27, J28 and J29. There may also be impacts on the main line of the A12. However, although these need to be quantified, this section of the A12 is subject to a study for potential widening.

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Representation ID: 2632

OBJECT MOD (Miss Christine Ide)


The policies map for West Colchester shows an area of land to the north of Earlswood Way (and bounded to the east by Berechurch Road) as designated public open space. Part of the area shaded green on the map forms part of Pegasus Camp, the northern section of Merville Barracks, and is not public open space.

The MOD therefore objects to the West Colchester policies map as currently drafted.

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Representation ID: 2509

COMMENT Mr Nigel Turp


Roads poor quality and used as rat runs

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Representation ID: 2507

COMMENT Mr Nigel Turp


Western Relief Road - needs speed cameras and speed bumps.

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Representation ID: 2506

COMMENT Mr Nigel Turp


Roman River leave it alone and protect its history.

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