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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - East Colchester Other Allocations and Policies, Port Lane

Representation ID: 1978

OBJECT Mr Andy Cartmell


We have huge concerns about these developments coupled with those at 6.9. We agree there is a lot of useful brownfield land, however congestion in Magdalen and Brook Streets is already unacceptably high. Traffic jams and resulting pollution caused by additional development would be intolerable for residents and visitors alike. With reference to comments in 6.8 and DM22, should we really consider losing the Britannia car park yet? Additionally, land in question is over an underground stream (fed by springs), therefore it is questionable how works here could be undertaken safely and with respect to the environment without large difficulties.

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Representation ID: 319



The additional housing if further currently industrial use land becomes available is welcomed and the protection of archeological remains. Footpaths should be maintained or increased and include nighttime lighting. On pavement parking should be prevented as a planning condition, also there should be a condition that front gardens are maintained in tidy fashion.

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