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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - EC2: East Colchester Hythe Special Policy Area

Representation ID: 3025

COMMENT Sainsburys (Ms Caroline Huett) represented by Indigo Planning (David Hodgetts)


Sainsburys is generally supportive of the council's objective of the development of a mix of uses in this area. There should however be sufficient flexibility in the policy to encourage appropriate new development to come forward without being overly prescriptive. The new Sainsburys store should be allocated as a centre.

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Representation ID: 3018

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


support many parts of this policy but we are unsure of the inference in the bullet point with the wording "Manage flood risk pragmatically, further to Flood Risk Management policy DM23". Further discussions requested on this point.
Residential moorings - should also consider any flood risk implications. This should include access to the moorings from land in a flood scenario.

The final paragraph of this policy should make reference to the need for development to contribute towards infrastructure that is currently needed to provide adequate capacity for surface water management (and not just responding to constraints).

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Representation ID: 2851

COMMENT Colchester Natural History Society (Mr Peter Hewitt)


Any regeneration of he Hythe area should consider any adverse impact on local sensitive biodiversity habitats that may be particular to the character of the Hythe area. This would include protecting important flora and fauna on the dock walls.

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Representation ID: 2653

COMMENT Historic England -East of England (Ms N Gates)


EC2: East Colchester - The Hythe Special Policy Area

Hythe has been a conservation area at risk for a number of years. We note that the policy sets out how improvements for the natural environment will be made, but measures to address the at risk status for the designated heritage asset have not been explicitly made. We would suggest consideration in the supporting text, linked to an objective within the policy on how this will be addressed.

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Representation ID: 2317

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Proposed development of 600 dwellings would generate need for up to 180 primary and 120 secondary school places and expansion of facilities. Requirement for 54 additional childcare places could be met by new 26-30 place facility as there is some capacity at existing facilities. Include SuDS for all development- add policy requirement.

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Representation ID: 2060

COMMENT Jan Plummer


1. Develop the scrap yard as a green space for people and wildlife
2. Improve and join up existing cycle paths. A cycle crossing is greatly needed at the bottom of Distillery Lane to access the quayside.

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Representation ID: 1903

OBJECT Economic Growth Colchester Borough Council (Elizabeth Flood)


The policy should acknowledge that high rise, high density scheme may be acceptable in the Hythe.

The policy should acknowledged that formal sports facilities will be encouraged as part of the regeneration of the Hythe.

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Representation ID: 1663

SUPPORT The University of Essex represented by The JTS Partnership LLP (Mr Nick Davey)


The University welcomes and supports the Council's proposals to regenerate this part of the town, and in particular, the identification of the East Transit Corridor, and the improvement of links between the town centre, East Colchester, the University and the University Garden Village. The University also considers that improved links are required from East Colchester to the A12 / A120 and North Station.

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Representation ID: 1362

COMMENT Hythe Forward CLT (Mr Alistair Heron )


We would wish to see the Local Plan more closely reflect dialogue that we have had with CBC planners.

More details about Rep ID: 1362

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