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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - EC1: Knowledge Gateway and University of Essex Strategic Economic Area

Representation ID: 3098



Support growth around economic hub of University of infrastructure first basis so as to show net betterment to existing communities such as Wivenhoe.

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Representation ID: 3013

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


We would recommend reference made to the avoidance of built development within the flood plain of the Salary Brook.

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Representation ID: 2837

OBJECT Mr Bob Russell


Instead of an urban sprawl, let there be a country park stretching from the valley of Salary Brook eastwards up the slopes to the top of the hill and beyond, between Clinghoe Hill to the south and Bromley Road (and onwards!) to the north, with no new development by the University of Essex on the eastern slopes of the valley........let's have open countryside to the east of Greenstead and Longridge Park as far as the eye can see!

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Representation ID: 2174

SUPPORT Cllr rosalind scott


I am especially in favour of further development of the knowledge gateway as the figures and stories point to a massive contribution to Colchester start-ups and entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Representation ID: 1662

COMMENT The University of Essex represented by The JTS Partnership LLP (Mr Nick Davey)


The University welcomes the fact that the contribution it makes to the Borough is acknowledged and confirms its commitment to working with the Borough to maximise the impact that its further expansion and growth can deliver in terms of wider economic and social benefits. It notes that discussions remain on-going regarding the identification of Knowledge Gateway Zone 1 and University Expansion Zone 2. It further notes that the area identified for University expansion primarily lies within Tendring District and that Tendring has not included a similar allocation in its draft Local Plan.

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Representation ID: 1653

COMMENT The Wivenhoe Society (secretary


The Colchester produced East Colchester map shows a de-allocation. This de-allocation is strongly supported. The policy, as worded, for zone 2 includes the word "housing". If housing means student residences then the Wivenhoe Society woul d be happy with this but we do not consider it a suitable location for general housing. Ifthe decision is made that the Garden Settlement to the north of the A 133 is not going to be put forward then possibly some of the land adjacent to that allocated for Knowledge Gateway expansion would be a better location than the suggested zone 2.

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Representation ID: 1648

SUPPORT The Wivenhoe Society (secretary


The Society supports the proposal to assign land for expansion of the Knowledge Gateway on land to the north of the A l 33 and would support this whether or not the Garden Settlement goes ahead.

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Representation ID: 1528

COMMENT mrs jane black


Providing land for University expansion in place of the land currently allocated to the South of Boundary Road is supported. Zone 2 however is in Tendring. Is this a joint policy? If Zone 2 proves not to be feasible more land to the north of the A133 should be allocated for general University use in addition to that allocated for Knowledge Gateway expansion

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Representation ID: 1249

SUPPORT Walk Colchester (Ms Rowena Macaulay)


The Colchester Orbital utilities the University footbridge (necessarily so to link with the river frontage along the Hythe). Although the ramped bridged was clearly designed to aid access to all users, it compromises this on the town side with a particularly difficult barrier which prevents bridge access by mobility scooters or equivalent, and larger/motorised wheelchairs.

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Representation ID: 266

SUPPORT Mr Simon Hall


The designation of the Knowledge Gateway and University of Essex Strategic Economic Area is critical to take advantage of the momentum that the University has created in developing a high quality hub for creative and incubator businesses. The bold vision of a mixed academic, residential and commercial development is far sighted and will be mutually beneficial to the county/borough and the university. It should be ambitious and the plans developed for long term growth.

Acknowledgement of the need to grow the university is also welcome. Its growth fuels the opportunity for improvements in research and teaching capabilities and resources

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