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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - NC3: North Colchester, Land south of Braiswick Golf Club

Representation ID: 2630

OBJECT Dr Michael Vernon represented by LSR Solicitors and Planning Consultants (Mr John Pearce)


The site is constrained by the poor access. The potential access to the site would be particularly narrow and would pass immediately between two existing residential properties causing harm to the amenity of occupants. The narrow access would result in difficulty for service vehicles to carry out their intended function. It is therefore suggested that this site is removed from the Plan. In addition, the amount of residential development proposed within this part of Colchester would result in further pressure to the local road network, which already experiences significantly high levels of traffic, particularly at recognised bottleneck at North Station.

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Representation ID: 2004

OBJECT Mr Fraser McLaren


There is poor access to the already over congested B1508.There seems no reason (bearing in mind the development of 1600 houses being built in Myland / Braiswick) to eek out 8 further houses. The construction would have a negative impact on the surrounding properties with regard to privacy, light / noise pollution.

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Representation ID: 1855

OBJECT Braiswick Residents Association (Mr Robert Waites)


This site constitutes 'back lands' or infill development which brings its own potential for reduction in the quality of amenity of the existing housing. Although the draft Local Plan (Draft Policy SP5) stipulates that all new developments should...respond positively to local character and preserve and enhance the quality of existing communities with regard to noise, vibration...overlooking', it is difficult to envisage how squeezing in this extra housing which adds a minuscule amount to Colchester's housing stock stock can meet these requirements.

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Representation ID: 1699

OBJECT mr michael smith


Absolute carnage if more building of houses , the present infrastructure can't cope and will 1500 odd more houses already planned for Mile End , what are you thinking about ?
Please someone from the council come and actually look at what a mess we are in already with traffic and roads.......

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Representation ID: 1571

OBJECT Mrs Wendy Smith


With the combination of the 50 dwellings on St Botholph's farm and this proposed site the potential extra 100 plus cars using the Bergholt Road or Bakers Lane to access Colchester would be catastrophic for both roads. They are both in a terrible state of disrepair and are almost impassable at weekends with residential parking taking up one lane.
Where are the schools, and doctors surgeries going to be built to support all the new dwellings around North Colchester?

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Representation ID: 1388

OBJECT Mr David Mehigan


1. Restricted access causing highway safety concerns.
2. Loss of amenity to existing residence.
3. Reduction in 'green infrastructure' and impact to local wildlife.
4. Not included in Neighbourhood plan consultation which looks at other areas (such as the Chesterwell development) to deliver housing growth.
5. Further pressure on Bergholt road and North Station junctions.

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Representation ID: 1371

OBJECT Mrs Beverley Parker


1.The access strip of land to this area is between two existing houses and is both unsuitable and inappropriate for the proposed development due to the close proximity of the existing dwellings
2,The increase in traffic would severely effect the level of amenity enjoyed by occupants
3. Access onto the already congested B1508 would cause even more highway safety issues

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Representation ID: 1060

OBJECT Mrs Karhleen Jacobs


Building on these three sittes would mean even more traffic on B1058 adding to the bottle neck at North Station. Area does not have infrastructure to support more homes. There are no shops or public leisure facilities,,very little public open space. Nearest doctors a mile away already very busy.Very limited public transport. Inclusion of these three new sites surely contrary to Neighbourhood Plan for Myland and Braiswick

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Representation ID: 1025

OBJECT Mr Phil Coleman


Keepers Green - Proposals have been submitted to built 8 properties behind Keepers Green, again on Colchester Golf Club. Again access would appear to be an issue and it isn't apparent why a further small swathe of housing is required within the vast NAGUE housing area which is already approved.
This again appears to be unsustainable.

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Representation ID: 1001

OBJECT Mr Keith Jacobs


1) Danger from speeding traffic already exists in Braiswick. More traffic pulling out will exacerbate this.
2) Traffic around North Station is already excessive, any additional dwellings would only add to the problem.
3) Further development will impact massively on the current residents with regard to privacy, light pollution, noise pollution, security and an already overworked local GP practice
4) People choose to live here because of the area/outlook. Is the constant pursuit of the Government's New Homes Bonus worth alienating your own residents?

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Representation ID: 687

OBJECT Mr Michael Tymkow


This site is NOT included in the agreed Myland and Braiswick Neighbourhood Plan, but has been included, at the last minute, in the Council's Local Plan without any democratic process or consultation. The Neighbourhood Plan states that there should be no more significant housing beyond the identified sites.

Any such development would increase the well known and documented traffic congestion, noise and pollution problems within Braiswick.

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Representation ID: 669




1. The number of dwellings proposed is overdevelopment and inappropriate for this area.
2. Loss of amenity by way of loss of privacy to neighbouring properties.
3. Increased likelihood of flooding to properties from increased surface areas and concreting over of meadow land.
4. Removal of important animal and tree species from the site.
5. Light pollution in a natural night-time area.

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Representation ID: 400

OBJECT Mr Wilfred Ring


It would have been better to have headed this item as land south of Braiswick golf course because the Club (house) has no land to its south.
1.construction would impact on existing residents and
2. there seems little point in providing an access from this land to the B1508 when it could be linked to the St Botolph's Farm development to access the main road.

My thoughts are that if Braiswick has to be further developed then do it without affecting existing residents. St Botolph's Farm if you have to, but nowhere else.

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Representation ID: 382

SUPPORT Mr Roger Robertson


Colchester Golf Club supports the allocation of this under used land for residential use.
We agree that the site has capacity for 8 homes of a type compatible with the surrounding properties.
Short distance from North Station and close to bus services.
Site layout, design and landscaping needs to minimise any possible conflict with the golf club.
The site will provide high quality housing with limited impact on the surrounding area.

More details about Rep ID: 382

Representation ID: 314

OBJECT Mr Nicholas Gerrard


See comments on North Colchester NC3

More details about Rep ID: 314

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