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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - NC3: North Colchester

Representation ID: 3148

COMMENT Gladman Development (Mr P Isherwood)


Gladman is promoting land off Bakers Lane for residential development. See full submission for details and site plan.

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Representation ID: 3081

OBJECT Councillor Anne Turrell


Access onto Braiswick then to Bergholt Road is already straining under the increased traffic due to the New Braiswick Park site- likely to increase CO2 emissions to a high level.

In Braiswick there is already a shortage of residential amenities (secondary school, Doctors, Shops)

Access to the site would be through a residential road which is a dead end and the road was not built for through traffic. Not suitable for alternative transport (unsustainable).

Sustainability should be the thread going through any Local Plan and this site would not contribute to the sustainability of the area.

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Representation ID: 3078

SUPPORT Rydon Homes Ltd (Mrs Heidi Kelly)


Rydon Homes welcome proposed allocation of land at St Botolph's Farm. Agree it is capable of delivering up to 50 homes. Rydon would retain existing belts of trees along western and northern periphery. New priority junction can be formed to Braiswick Road to provide direct access. Deliverable within five years.Imperceptible impact upon local traffic conditions.

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Representation ID: 2965



Surely, enough is enough regarding the building of more houses and making the roads into Colchester, gridlocked, thus making commuting a nightmare, not only that, it is once again lining someone's pockets. The Golf Club could use the land instead for up and coming youngsters and build a golfing academy instead of trying to keep the Colchester Golf Club a Club for the privileged few and drop the membership fees to a more reasonable level. We no longer live in that type of world. - thank goodness.

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Representation ID: 2959

OBJECT June Warburton


Objection to all 3 allocations- key issues;
land put forward without the Golf Club Members permission (they are the owners);
Density proposed higher than surrounding development;
No access is available via Acnhnacone Drive or to the smaller site- not designed for through traffic;
Loss of amenity and green space;
lack of existing infrastructure;
Traffic capacity not able to cope- lead to pollution and over capacity immediate area and beyond such as North station
not well placed to integrate new residents into community other locations are better suited to this.

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Representation ID: 2914

SUPPORT Sigma Planning Services (Christopher Hough)


Rydon Homes Ltd welcome the proposed allocation of Land at St Botolph's Farm, Braiswick for development of up to 50 new dwellings. They are promoting housing development on this site and agree that it is capable of delivering up to 50 new dwellings of a mix and type of housing that would be compatible with surrounding development. Rydon are not aware of any constraints that would delay the commencement of development and the site can therefore be considered to be deliverable in full within a five year period.

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Representation ID: 2816

OBJECT Mrs Helen Eiloart


I am strongly against the proposal for the following reason: It will further add to the over stretching of the local GP surgeries and the hospital-even now overcrowded. The B1508 which as we all know is already under pressure at the station roundabout will be subject to even further delays and hold ups

More details about Rep ID: 2816

Representation ID: 2620

OBJECT Mr Mark Vipond


utilise Golf Club owned land to provide a second challenging 9 hole course to attract young and old new and existing members alike on the land alongside the A12/B1508 and use the land North of Achnacone Drive (practise ground) for much needed car park expansion and perhaps a new, state of the art, Clubhouse thereby freeing up Bergholt Road from the constant ever increasing daily nightmare of parked cars causing a danger to through traffic.

More details about Rep ID: 2620

Representation ID: 2617

OBJECT Mrs Georgina Karlsson


The proposal to build in Braiswick is contrary to the contents of the Council's Plan in respect of Green Spaces:
Given the large-scale developments already approved within the Myland area there is certainly no benefit in the development of Braiswick that could outweigh the loss of the green space.

More details about Rep ID: 2617

Representation ID: 2588

COMMENT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


Land north of Axial Way is subject to a planning appeal and new application. Persimmon Homes is seeking the continued residential allocation of the site within the new local plan and cite the technical studies supporting the applications as evidence of the sites suitability, sustainability and deliverability.

More details about Rep ID: 2588

Representation ID: 2586

OBJECT Persimmon Homes (Ms Anna Davies)


Persimmon Homes strongly suggests that land at St Johns Road should be reinstated as part of policy NC3 and shown on the proposals map for North Colchester. This site is capable of being delivered independently of the University garden community.

More details about Rep ID: 2586

Representation ID: 2414

OBJECT Mr Robert Mitchell


Access to the proposed housing south of Braiswick Golf Club is too narrow to service a new estate (for example refuse lorries will not be able to access properties). The sewerage drain is also too small to accommodate more housing. The pond north of the bowling club is fed by an underground source under the proposed site. The proposal behind Keepers Green does not have obvious access and lacks utilities. The proposals would lead to greater traffic congestion including at north station. The new school is not yet fully functional. The hospital is over capacity.

More details about Rep ID: 2414

Representation ID: 2362

OBJECT Mrs Georgina Karlsson


Object to all 3 proposed housing proposals as there is already sufficient housing being built within the Myland and Braiswick at Chesterwell Woods and Severalls.

Extra development traffic down Bergholt Road is also not acceptable as it already difficult to make progress along the road at certain times.

There are insufficient green public spaces within the Braiswick area and building on these areas are against the principles of sustainable living. These spaces should be protected and used as community spaces.

More details about Rep ID: 2362

Representation ID: 2358

OBJECT Ruth & Sanderassen Ersapah and 1 other


The B1508 is a busy narrow road - An increase in traffic along this road could lead to future damage to the bridge.

The developments would affect the local environment and have a detrimental effect on the wildlife.

More details about Rep ID: 2358

Representation ID: 2306

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Education requirements - 88 dwellings would generate need for up to 26 primary and 18 secondary aged pupils. Newly built schools in area could accommodate a relatively small number of pupils from these developments. Gilberd School under increasing pressure until new capacity available at No. Colchester urban extension. New early years provision required. Wording provided on additional surface water management provision.

More details about Rep ID: 2306

Representation ID: 1853

OBJECT Braiswick Residents Association (Mr Robert Waites)


The 3 Braiswick sites are not necessary to meet a demand for housing in the area as the nearby Chesterwell development will easily accommodate any likely requirement in this respect now or in the foreseeable future.

More details about Rep ID: 1853

Representation ID: 1841

COMMENT Braiswick Residents Association (Mr Robert Waites)


The public open space in Fernlea should be indicated as such in green on the draft plan associated with the residential allocations

More details about Rep ID: 1841

Representation ID: 1748

OBJECT Mr Aidan Solloway


The already very bus­y B1508 will clearly ­see a further increas­e in
traffic, given up to­ an additional 88 pro­perties are proposed.­ Bergolt Road
in particular become­s a bottleneck , espe­cially at peak times ­and weekends
where it can current­ly take up to 20 minu­tes to navigate the l­ower section
towards North Statio­n.
In addition to furth­er pressure on the lo­cal road network , ot­her services
such as doctors and ­schooling will face s­imilar problems.

Braiswick also has v­ery little green area­s, recreational or ot­herwise and
these developments w­ill potentially remov­e these and any assoc­iated scenic
outlook that residen­ts currently apprecia­te.

More details about Rep ID: 1748

Representation ID: 1540

COMMENT Mr Wilfred Ring


Why the gap between the sites for proposed 50 and 8 homes? It would be better to merge the two and provide one access for both from the B1508, near to the junction for West Wood Hill. With a properly formed access all building work could then be executed relatively clear of the existing properties that front the B1508.

Opposed to any further devaluing of the ambience of the Braiswick area. If development must happen, proceed with the 50-home site only; developing the other two sites will have a detrimental effect on present property owners..

More details about Rep ID: 1540

Representation ID: 1505

OBJECT Mr Graeme Lockwood


1. Further erosion of Green Belt and Recreational Amenity.

2. Road Infrastructure currently cannot handle the current traffic volumes at peak times, therefore any increase would further impact on this critical road network.

3. Access via Achnacone Drive private property not secured.

More details about Rep ID: 1505

Representation ID: 1386

OBJECT Mr David Mehigan


Development of golf club land will continue to put pressure on the area around north Station Rd and will significantly reduce the amenity of the Braiswick area. These developments are unnecessary to meet the demands of housing in the Myland and Braiswick areas, which continue to provide dwellings through Chesterwell and other sites to the north of Colchester. Land owned by the golf club should be withdrawn. These open space are critical to maintaining the character and green infrastructure of Braiswick.

More details about Rep ID: 1386

Representation ID: 1140



the bottom of the Bergholt Road/ Colchester North station intersection is a road users nightmare, blocked and clogged for much of the early morning/evening commuter times and at its worst, complete standstill for up to an hour increasing pollution and accident likliehood as road uses try all means to escape the traffic jams.Site A falls within English Heritage protected land as part of the Moat Farm National Monument 1019964 that extends from Cymbeline Avenue, Bakers Lane and onward to West Horkesley.

More details about Rep ID: 1140

Representation ID: 1056

OBJECT Mrs Karhleen Jacobs


Building on these three sittes would mean even more traffic on B1058 adding to the bottle neck at North Station. Area does not have infrastructure to support more homes. There are no shops or public leisure facilities,,very little public open space. Nearest doctors a mile away already very busy.Very limited public transport. Inclusion of these three new sites surely contrary to Neighbourhood Plan for Myland and Braiswick.

More details about Rep ID: 1056

Representation ID: 738

OBJECT Dr Harvey Faerestrand


In our area we already have 1 scheme completed not long ago, a second near completion, a third(Chesterwell) just started and the old Severalls site still to be started. These are all large schemes with the full effects on the infrastructure still to be realised.
So why do we require these rather small schemes that will have a large impact on present residents completely out of proportion to there size, especially the Achnacone and south of the golf club, and they are all on green field sites contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan for Myland and Braiswick area.

More details about Rep ID: 738

Representation ID: 543

COMMENT Mr John Duell


My concern is not the housing itself, but the additional traffic towards North Station as the effects of all the developments in Mile End have yet to be fully felt. These 3 sites should be left until a second access from north Colchester is made under the railway lines. In addition Bakers Lane is much over used in relation to its' standard of construction.

More details about Rep ID: 543

Representation ID: 432

COMMENT mr henry kerr


call for sites evaluation.

More details about Rep ID: 432

Representation ID: 371

OBJECT Mr Wilfred Ring


Why the gap between the sites for 50 and 8 homes? Surely it would be better to merge the two and provide one access for both from the B1508, perhaps near to the junction for West Wood Hill. With a properly formed access all building work could then be executed relatively clear of the existing properties that front the B1508.I really am against any further devaluing of the ambience of the Braiswick area. If it is imperative to develop some of the presently-undeveloped land then go ahead with the 50-home site only

More details about Rep ID: 371

Representation ID: 311

OBJECT Mr Nicholas Gerrard


The proposed developments at St Botolph's farm, Achnacone Drive and Braiswick Golf Club will add further pressure to the already overwhelmed roads and schol infrastrructure in Braiswick and leading down to the North Station roundabout. They would add even more pressure to Bakers Lane. In the context of the masive developments at Severalls, Ipswich Road and Cant's Farm, to name but three, they are unnecessary and the land should instead be protected for communal use and countryside and wildlife development, and to preserve the green spaces of Colchester.

More details about Rep ID: 311

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