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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester Other Allocations/Policies, Land south of Braiswick Golf Club

Representation ID: 1972

COMMENT Mr Andy Cartmell


We have some concerns about the proximity of this development to the woodlands, despite the intention to put in buffers. Further information as to how this work is to be staged and how the woodlands would be protected would be welcomed.

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Representation ID: 1669

OBJECT Mrs Barbara Theobald


The access appears to be unsuitable and inappropriate with road safety as an issue. The development of houses on golf club land will increase traffic to Bakers Lane and Bergholt Rd which are already congested and is contrary to the Plans core objectives.

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Representation ID: 1272

OBJECT Mrs Kirsty Beckwith


Totally against on the grounds of safety as no emergency vehicles could gain access as the proposed road would be too narrow. Our houses would be devalued as we live next to that particular right of way and the fact we look over a golf course in particular was the main reason we purchased the property

More details about Rep ID: 1272

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