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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - NC2: North Station Special Policy Area

Representation ID: 2976

COMMENT Environment Agency (Mr Martin Barrell)


No consideration given to fluvial or surface water flooding. The Risk of Flooding map for Surface Waters shows flooding along Cowdray Avenue. North Station Special Policy Area is partially located in Flood Zone 2 & 3. For all locations, apply the food risk Sequential Test for all sources of flooding.

LPA and ECC Flood Team to work together to resolve flood related issues.
There is Main River at St Botolphs Brook with housing proposed adjacent. This site must be sequentially considered . There is currently 'J-flow' flood modelling only at this location- further detailed modelling needed prior to site development

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Representation ID: 2302

COMMENT Essex County Council (Matthew Jericho)


Area encompasses a Critical Drainage Area. Any development should take a conservative approach to drainage design to ensure flood risk not increased.

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Representation ID: 2100

OBJECT Schroder UK Property Fund represented by Bidwells (Mr Neil Waterson)


Schroders objects to Policy NC2 on the basis that it is unsound since the removal of Turner Rise District Centre from the boundary of the North Station Special Policy Area will not enable a holistic and joined up approach to regeneration within the North Station area. Consequently, the Policy is unsound as it is not justified, is inconsistent with national policy and is not the most appropriate strategy. Turner Rise should therefore be incorporated within the boundary of the Policy Area and the Proposals Map updated accordingly.

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Representation ID: 1862

COMMENT Braiswick Residents Association (Mr Robert Waites)


Although a highways issue presumably the responsibility of Essex County Council, the increasing traffic problems at North Station will only get worse with the proposed and already approved new developments. It is unrealistic to suppose that new proposals for sustainable transport will solve this and other traffic issues in Colchester unless very significant resources are committed (probably not likely) and/ or draconian traffic control measures are adopted (probably politically impractical). The only alternative is to reduce the number of new houses being built!

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Representation ID: 1657

COMMENT The University of Essex represented by The JTS Partnership LLP (Mr Nick Davey)


Whilst the University supports the development of the North Transit Corridor, it considers that direct and rapid transport links to North Station are also highly desirable, and required from other parts of the town, and in particular, from East Colchester, the University Campus and the proposed University Garden Village.

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Representation ID: 1247

SUPPORT Walk Colchester (Ms Rowena Macaulay)


Walk Colchester strongly supports the following aim: "Establishes enhanced connectivity through green infrastructure improvements, including the creation of a green link between High Woods Country Park and Castle Park".

One of the key radial links on the Colchester Orbital, linking it to the town centre, is via the Castle Park and up through High Woods.

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Representation ID: 1031

OBJECT Mr Phil Coleman


A designated bus for the town centre must be created at the ticket office on the North side of the station, or the Park and Ride service routed to provide this service.
Serious consideration must be given to solving the daily congestion in this area, it will get worse with nearly 3000 additional houses being built along with increased traffic to Northern Gateway facilities.

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Representation ID: 332



Well reasoned so long as local plan also prioritises Colchester Town and Hythe stations and frequencies, and enhances Bus Station.

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