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Representations on Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester

Representation ID: 3129

COMMENT North Colchester Community Development CIC (Mrs J E Dickinson)


North Colchester Travel Strategy required to be developed jointly by ECC, CBC, Myland's professional adviser, Community Council and major landowners. Development and major facility owners should contribute to a local Highways Improvement budget through rates and Section106/CIL commitments. New southbound carriageway under railway line. Mile End housing should be built to specified local site and design requirements, including proposed numbers for older people's accommodation. Specific Mile End approach suggested for employment allocations and parking; education; social amenities and leisure; and social care for older people.

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Representation ID: 3097



North Colchester wrongly rejected and offers greater sustainability than West Colchester.

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Representation ID: 2778

COMMENT Highways England (Mark Norman)


Development in North Colchester could have a severe impact on the A12 and A120. We would wish to see a traffic impact assessment demonstrating the potential impacts of such a proposal. Of particular concern are J25, J26, J27, J28 and J29. There may also be impacts on the main line of the A12. However, although these need to be quantified, this section of the A12 is subject to a study for potential widening.

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Representation ID: 2654

COMMENT The Extra Care Charitable Trust represented by Tetlow King Planning (Mr John Sneddon)


Need to allocate land for a retirement village in Northern Gateway (Zone 1 or 2) to better support the policy aims of policy NC1 and objectives for the Northern Gateway

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Representation ID: 2065

COMMENT Mr Mark Larwood


Incremental housing development in north colchester needs more joined up thinking, and increased services and infrastructure provision before further expansion should be permitted. Schooling, transport, roads, public transport, healthcare and emergency services need commensurate investment.

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Representation ID: 1868

COMMENT Turnstone Colchester Ltd represented by Carter Jonas (Mr Paul Belton)


The comments regarding the North Transit Corridor are noted. Having regard to the Proposals Map for Northern Colchester, this refers (via a purple dotted line) to the alignment of the "East Colchester Rail Transit Route". This does not appear to be referenced elsewhere within the Proposed Submission draft of this Local Plan. To ensure the text of the Local Plan reads correctly when reviewed in the context of the Proposals Map, it is suggested that the position and status of both the "North Transit Corridor" and the "East Colchester Rail Transit Route" be clarified.

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Representation ID: 1552

COMMENT British Horse Society (Mrs Sue Dobson)


We request that more clarification is made in this Policy as there should be a commitment to provide access for ALL users, including equestrians, within all new development within this North Colchester area. There is huge potential within this development to provide safe off road routes for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. The opportunity to provide a multi-user bridge over the A12 for all non-motorised users, including equestrians, should be provided as part of this development.

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Representation ID: 1492

COMMENT Essex Bridleways Association (Susan Dobson)


Include access for equestrians rather than purely catering for pedestrians and cyclists

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Representation ID: 867

COMMENT Colchester Cycling Campaign (William Branhill)


Colchester's P&R appears to be an abject failure. It reflects not just CBC's interest in town centre car parking (which should be privatised) but also the fact that you have to be slightly anti-car for pro-sustainable transport schemes to work. See http://www.bikebiz.com/news/read/to-increase-cycle-use-cities-need-to-be-anti-car-say-academics/019669

More details about Rep ID: 867

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