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Representation 991 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Richard Brown

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Dedham and Dedham Heath, SS6: Dedham Heath Housing Sites
Representation: The flooding in Dedham & the Heath is a significant problem that is getting worse without any additional housing. There is no rainwater provision except the sewers are far too small and whenever there is heavy rain fall the sewer is overwhelmed resulting in reverse flow of sewage into private houses, except when non return valves have been fitted. It is irresponsible to additional load until this problem has been completely resolved . I understand that both Anglian Water & the D of E have advised against this development. Recently locally 3 inches of rain fell in 1 hr

Original submission

I am against the development on the Heath and anywhere that will aggravate flooding in the area until the Borough Council has ensured proper provision has ben made, This will incur a substantial investment in infrastructure. The substantial and flooding in June 16 was the worst in living memory, Including flooding on the Heath, the location of the proposed additional building, and in the village, (Southfields) and other areas. It is irresponsible of the Council to even contemplate any development which is opposed by the Environmental Agency and Anglian Water. It is well known that the sewage system leading form the Heath along Crown Street to the sewage processing plant is inadequate to deal with land water

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