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Representation 985 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Karrianne Marking

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC2: Stanway, Land between Church Lane, Churchfields and Partridge Way
Representation: I object in the strongest sense to the landlord being changed to allow residential use. It is public open space. It should not be built on. Where are the trees/shrubs that the council were supposed to plant?
Open space should be safe from concrete, especially when they could build within an existing building site a stones throw away. Why build here? Why take away an established plot of land that is used by numerous ages?
This surely cannot go ahead.

Original submission

I am struggling to understand why this was accepted.
The land is open space. Since when were the council allowed to change the designated use of open space on completed developments?
Why were local residents not asked on their opinion?

I believe that the council have pushed this through because they are lining their pockets. I can only assume that the council (whether as a whole or an individual) are going to benefit financially from the decision made to allow this to happen.

I object to this piece of open land that my children enjoy playing on being built on. It is NOT part of the current building sites. It is phase 1, Lakelands. It was completed many years ago. If the council are that desperate for new homes cash why aren't the dwellings being built on the existing building sites? And why was the gas work done so far in advance of the meeting? Had someone in the planning office told the land owner that it would be pushed through? Why else would they carry out over £200,000.00 worth of work that wasn't actually required if not to enable it to be built on?
I don't believe that this has been dealt with fairly. I don't believe that it is right that the planning officer can bend the ear of the committee and essentially dictate what their decision will be.
I did not purchase my property on a completed estate to then have to drive through a building site because of outrageous actions made by the planning office. If the council are allowed to chop and change open land does this mean that our village greens and parks are not safe from concrete and greed?

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