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Representation 982 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr andrew harley

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: This proposal is in the wrong location. Wait until the impact of the Wharf development is understood before allowing further development. There are likely to be negative impacts upon local infrastructure from the wharf development. Other concerns expressed about the environmental impact of additional homes in terms of wildlife and noise impacts.

Birch Brook becomes a torrent after heavy rain- the additional homes will compound.

Original submission

I strongly oppose this plan on a number of grounds:

Whilst increasing supply of homes in the borough is the right objective, this proposed additional build would be in the wrong location. I feel that Rowhedge is already playing its full part in ensuring that new homes are provided through the substantial Wharf development. Surely, it is right for this to be completed, and its impact understood, before further land is set aside for more development.

The impact of these additional dwellings upon local infrastructure cannot be understood at this point - before the current builds are allowed to complete. The traffic and parking impact of the proposed new development is likely to be negative. We do not yet know the impact that the Wharf development will have upon local traffic infrastructure, especially upon the busy junction of Fingringhoe Road and Rectory Road, and the route into Colchester. Parking in the village to access the surgery is already difficult. I am also concerned about the environmental impact of additional homes for existing nearby residents, in terms of wildlife and increased noise.

I have noticed that that the stream 'Birch Brook', which runs through the field being considered for development, becomes a torrent after heavy rain - and I understand that "Hill View" Close is affected by flooding. I anticipate that this development would only increase the problem as less rainfall is absorbed by concrete and tarmac when compared with soil. I am doubtful as to whether this impact can sufficiently mitigated.

No information has been provided in regard to waste and sewage management. Substantial infrastructural improvements may be needed.

I feel that this land should not be set aside for development. Please reject the proposal.


Andrew Harley

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